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  March 18, 2016

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Justin Credible
Justin Credible Justin Credible (left), Dawn Marie (center) and Lance Storm (right).
HOMETOWN: Ozone, New York.
HEIGHT: 6'0".
WEIGHT: 225 lbs.
CATCH PHRASE: "Not just the coolest. Not just the best. That's Justin Credible!" SIGNATURE MOVE: That's Incredible (Spinning Tombstone Piledriver).
CHAMPIONSHIPS HELD: Self-proclaimed "Extreme Icon".

Former WWF jobber fodder Aldo Montoya was reborn in ECW as Justin Credible. A cocky, brash, arrogant upstart who has ran the "extreme icon" the Sandman (Hak in WCW) out of ECW stealing his cane, captured the Great Sasuke's mask and crippled Mikey Whipwreck.

Partnered with Lance Storm and known now as the "Impact Players", Credible is a heel talent who has had memorable encounters with Tommy Dreamer (including ladder and first blood matches), who he terrorized during the death of Tommy's grandfather. Jerry Lynn, who Credible defeated at Heatwave '98 in one of the most exciting matches of that year and Shane Douglas, who Credible and Storm feuded with as to so who would be crowned the new Franchise (still undecided).

Justin Credible's greatest asset is his ground attack style of wrestling and his timely and uncanny use of the Singapore Cane. Brought in originally by Jason, Credible, who's vaunted entourage once included Chastity, Nicole Bass, Jason and Jazz, now is alone save Storm and his valet, Dawn Marie Bytch. Another shining example of the young stars in ECW, Justin is only twenty-five and has yet to realise his full potential.

-- By "Hardcore" Chris Gramlich.

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