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  March 18, 2016

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FRANCINE REAL NAME: Francine Fournier.
HOMETOWN: Originally from Delaware, now Philadelphia, PA.
HEIGHT: 5'7".
WEIGHT: 117 lbs.
CHAMPIONSHIPS MANAGED: ECW Tag Team championship (2 occasions), ECW TV Title (3 occasions), ECW World Title (2 occasions).

"The Queen of Extreme", Francine has used a deadly combination of brains and beauty to become one of the most hardcores stars in ECW. Her sexiness rivalled only by her fiery spirit and determination, her career has been a blend of cane shots, catfights, and championships.

A fan of wrestling all her life, Francine immediately jumped at the chance to join the business when she saw an ad for ECW's House of Hardcore wrestling school in 1995. After her brutal training at the academy, she primarily worked house shows until she caught the attention of Paul Heyman who booked her to appear on TV.

That summer, Francine showed up in the audience as a fan of Stevie Richards, following him from city to city to show her support. Francine eventually became his manager as well as his girlfriend, much to the chagrin of Beulah, the valet of Raven, Stevie's tag team partner.

Beulah and Francine had many disagreements, often resulting in impromptu catfights between the women during matches involving their charges. During a Francine-Beulah bout, Raven convinced Richards to turn against Francine; a StevieKick and a Piledriver later, Richards broke up with her for good.

A month later, Francine got her revenge by leading the Pitbulls to the Tag Team championship over Richards and Raven.

The following year, Francine managed Pitbull II to singles gold when he defeated Shane Douglas, who had insulted Francine earlier that night, for the TV belt.

Francine eventually turned on the Pitbulls and joined up with Douglas, with whom she aligned herself until his departure from the company in 1999.

During these three years, Francine was never content to merely stand at ringside, despite being referred to as "The Head Cheerleader". Rather, her in-ring involvement reached higher and higher levels of extremity in her support of Douglas. This participation ultimately earned her a broken pelvic bone, courtesy of a press-slam from Bam Bam Bigelow.

Ever a fighter, Francine showed up at ringside on crutches the night Douglas beat Bigelow for the TV gold in November 1998.

She later took Douglas to two World Title reigns, and led other members of his "Triple Threat" to Tag and TV titles.

After Douglas left ECW, Francine hooked up with Tommy Dreamer, adding another dimension to his feud with Justin Credible and his cane-wielding entourage.

More recently, Francine has been defending ECW's hardcore principles in singles matches against old-school proponent Steve Corino.

-- By "Bloodthirsty" Bob Kapur.

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