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  March 18, 2016

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Balls Mahoney
BALLS REAL NAME: John Richner.
HOMETOWN: Nutley, New Jersey.
HEIGHT: 6'2".
WEIGHT: 350 lbs.
SIGNATURE MOVE: The Nut Cracker Suite.
CHAMPIONSHIPS HELD: ECW World Tag Team championship (with Masato Tanaka), ECW World Tag Team championship (with Spike Dudley).
PREVIOUS IDENTITIES: Abbudah Singh (Independents), Boo Bradley (Smoky Mountain Wrestling), Xanta Klaus (WWF).

When Mahoney arrives to the ring, with AC/DC's "Big Balls" pumping through the stadium speakers, fans know that they can expect a match full of solid technical moves, classic submission holds, and a scientific wrestling repertoire that could fill an encyclopedia.


A self-professed "Chair Swingin' Freak", Mahoney is a brawler, pure and simple. Although he is quite capable of executing an aerial attack, a typical match involves him pounding his opponents into submission, delivering a quick chair shot across the head, and pinning his victim for the 3-count.

This formula has served Mahoney well, especially in the Tag Team division, where he has been a frequent partner of Axl Rotten. Until recently that is, when Mahoney hooked up with Spike Dudley to become the current ECW Tag champs.

In the past few months, Mahoney has really stepped up his hardcore style. In a recent match, he was powerbombed through a burning table only to land on a pile of thumbtacks on the mat underneath. Despite serious burns to his back and arms, Mahoney continued the match and has now incorporated the fiery table to his aresenal, most recently against his former partner Rotten.

-- By "Bloodthirsty" Bob Kapur.