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Tuesday, August 29, 2000

Whassup! Chat Transcript

Dave: Whassup!!!! When I was living in Philly last year, I heard you guys, at least two of you, were also from the area...which part? I'm curious to know how you took your famous saying, which I believe you practiced for years (maybe?) casually amongst friends, to the tv world?

Whassup!: Fred: Fred is from south Philly, two from west philly and one from West Oak Lane. It is something we have been doing since high school and college, Charles Stone III, decided to put this concept on his director's reel, an ad agent saw it, pitched it to Budweiser, and that is how the commercial was born.

Amanda (Calgary): Hey there guys......what did u think of the spoof of the commercial in 'Scary Movie'? I thought it was hilarious?

Whassup!: Puerto: Didn't see it, but I am very proud that they are using it, and I heard it was funny. Too busy to see it.

kyle: are you all the original guys? has there ever been anyone kicked out of the 'whassup crew'?

Whassup!: We are all friends, we are all originally friends. I would say the two longest guys have known each other for 20 years.


Whassup!: Puerto: No. Whassup?!?

joel (vancouver): hey guys. who is the weirdest celebrity you have heard do the line?

Whassup!: Fred: It was Mrs. Brady, Florence Henderson. She saw us and did it. At NBC Studios.

Michael Owens (Texas): How man different versions of the commercial are there. I like the pizza delivery guy bit. Did you guys see the fake 'Super Friends' one on Adcritic.com? Very funny...TRUE!

Whassup!: Puerto: There is about 12, and yes we have. We have seen the Superfriends, and I am Thug Boy Wonder, and I have that tattoo.

STU: This is a good question: do u get free Bud beers?

Whassup!: Both: YES! We drank Bud before this, and everyone around us!

King Crimson: Who would you want to play you in a TV movie of the week?

Whassup!: Fred: Lorenz Tate Puerto: Mine is Antonio Banderas Fred: There's been no talk of a TV movie. There is some things to come, though. Puerto: It's a secret, or we would have to kill you!

maritimegirl: What is your favourite Whassup spoof?

Whassup!: Fred: Superfriends Puerto: Yeah, Superfriends. I got it on my arm (he has a Robin on his arm). I really like WonderWoman. I want to go looking for her.

comedy mike: hey...did any of you guys do standup? I think you guys are very funny...

Whassup!: Fred: Charles and Fred used to do standup years ago. Puerto: I am just a natural standup. That is just daily.

brent hamilton: where did the word come from?

Whassup!: Puerto: America Fred: It is slang terminology that has been around for years, probably since the 60s. Puerto: Budweiser copyrighted the spelling of it, Whassup.

Shygirl: What is love?

Whassup!: Puerto: Love is the highest elevation of understanding. Fred: Love is what love does.


Whassup!: Puerto: Puerto Rock, Bang-Out! It means give it your all. Fred: I'm blank. (that's catchy)

Arndt: How many Buds do you drink on a typical Friday night?

Whassup!: Fred: About a case. Puerto: A case a piece, and that is if I'm paying. Fred: That is being modest.

ptie: Did you ever think it would catch on so quickly?

Whassup!: Fred: No Puerto: Both of us, no. Fred: The ad agency did think it would go, and the representatives from Budweiser. They had money on it, so they had to have a good feel about it.

Stan: you have about nine commercials or so now...what ideas do u have coming up?

Whassup!: Fred: We can't tell you, Stan. WE might have to kidnap you. There is going to be more commercials, but different variations. We have some in the can.

Misha: which one of you has a rap album coming out - the name?

Whassup!: Puerto: Bang-Out is the name of the album. Epic/Sony records, you can reach me at www.puertorock.com. It is coming out in two months. The single is called Burn It Up. I signed with then a year ago. We're going to tour, I just did a college tour, you can buy Source Mag, Vibe, Stress, I am in all of those now. It is rap and R&B.

Major Gunns: If all you Whassup! guys were on Survivor Island which one would you vote off and why?

Whassup!: Puerto: I will vote off Scott because he wears those shoes that would probably sink in the island. Fred: I would vote off the pizza guy, because he IS THE PIZZA Guy!

angie: is there anyway to get all the sound clips on a cd?

Whassup!: Fred: You can download it off Budweiser.com, or hook up a tape recorder off your computer. Puerto: Or make your own.

Tina: do you guys still live in Philadelphia...?

Whassup!: Fred: Yes Puerto: Never Fred: Don't want him Puerto: Don't come to New York Fred: Been there, done that.

Sexy Q: I hate it when my boyfriend's friends scream WHASSUP!! into our answering machine. What do you have to say to all the annoyed girlfriends of the world??

Whassup!: Fred: They probably aren't doing it right, and they probably aren't doing IT right. Puerto: I agree. Fred; You need enthusiasm P{uerto: It's a greeting. Fred: Enthusiasm and just a feel-good expression.

Wade: How often do you actually find yourselves watching a game and having a Bud? You must be quite the sports buffs.

Whassup!: Fred: Every Sunday, when football is on. Puerto: Every time they tell me to watch it.

Louie: In universal context, what affect do you suppose the word Whassup! had on mankind?

Whassup!: Fred: Wow, strength, and it is here to unify and multiply. I think it is the key to peace. If every leader would take it on as a national phrase, I think this world would be a better place. I think it would close up the ozone layer, too, because all the energy would float to the top of the atmosphere and seal the holes. Clinton might have snuck it in somewhere. Puerto: There's lots of accusations about what he is into.

Al: What did you guys do for a living before the commercial?

Whassup!: Puerto: Recording artists Fred: Graduate school film maker and teacher. Puerto: I definitely do my music first. That is my first love, and the guys called me onboard. Fred: I still am making films. I write, so I am always keeping the craft fresh. As far as teaching, I feel I will always have something to offer to the youth and anyone willing to receive knowledge from me, in whatever I am doing, even this. Puerto: So? Fred: Puerto is in class right now.

Ryan: Guys Would you want WHASUUP to be on your headstones??

Whassup!: Fred; I would, because that is where I hope I am going. Puerto: You would have to put out Bang-Out Fred: Bang Satan out of 'em.

Brad from Saskatoon: Hey guys, could you settle this one for me? I heard that they didn't go for any 'actor types' to do the commercial spots cause nobody does "wuzzup" better than the original "wuzzup" guys. Is any of this true?

Whassup!: Puerto: That is a lie! Fred: It is half-true. Because it is true they couldn't find anyone. But they brought in Puerto. Puerto: I was the only guy who made it out of 300 auditions. Fred: They brought him into the family, into the club

Adam Gonshor: Have you had a lot of autograph requests and fan mail?

Whassup!: Puerto: Yes, and I love it. Fred: Email, through the Bud website Puerto: Or through Puertorock.com

BART: ......any downside to celebrity status?

Whassup!: Puerto: I am away from the family a lot. Fred: On the road alot, you get homesick. I have been away since about January.

MANDIE MORSON: have you guys done Letterman and Leno yet -- if so, how were they?

Whassup!: Fred: We did Leno, and we didn't do Letterman. Probably not do it as a group. Leno was fantastic. A very, very nice guy. Hilarious. Jennifer Love Hewitt was on at the same time.

Paulie: What has been the strangest thing to happen to you guys since the commercial thing took off?

Whassup!: Fred: I was flashed by a 65 year old woman. Happened at Mardi Gras. Just walking down the street.

Homer Simpson: Do you think that the word Whassup! is teaching our kids poor spelling skills sort of like Nite and Lite?

Whassup!: Fred: It is teaching them how to spell correctly. Parents should have children up on their vocabulary. And two, the word is derived from What Is Up, which should give children and adults a reason to research not only that word but any other word that is spelled phonetically incorrect for media or slang reasons.

Whassup!: Puerto: Wants to know if there are any single women out there.

BUDdy: How have you personally benefited from the spread of the term "wassup"?

Whassup!: Puerto: I am wealthier. A lot of zero wealthier. Fred: Lots of friends, such as yourselves, and attending a lot of sporting events. We'll keep going as long as the campaign lives. Puerto: As long as the fans love it.

Whassup!: Fred: God bless, remember self-respect and one love. That's Whazzzzazzzazzzzzzzaaaazzup! puerto BANG OUT THAT'S THE END OF OUR CHAT. THANKS FOR JOINING US!

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The Whassup! guys: Puerto (left) and Fred



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