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Monday, November 13, 2000

Welcome to The Tea Party Chat

Chat with Jeff Martin and Stuart Chatwood of The Tea Party on Tues. Nov. 14th at 5:00pm ET.

If you have any questions, type them in and hit Ask My Question. If you want to refresh the chat room, set a refresh rate (if you want one), and hit Refresh Chat. Thanks!

Stephanie, Edmonton AB: Hey Guys! I went to the show in Calgary you did with the Philharmonic Orchestra, back in July, it was truly amazing! Is there any chance there is going to be a live cd from that concert?

The Tea Party: Not that one no. The same material, we might record in the future. It's really expensive, recording with symphonies. (Stuart) (Jeff )There's talk about dates with the Toronto symphony but it's not the easiest thing to organize.

Chris Jones: Do you ever plan to go back to doing alot of stuff with the exotic instruments? like alhambra mixes etc?

The Tea Party: Jeff - Yes, absolutely yes!, The band to a certain extent has rediscovered its passion for world music if the new demos have anything to show. It's a very big world out there with so many new musical cultures to explore. In essence, that is the Tea Party. That's what people have come to know us as.

Daniel Harrigan: What are your plans for the States? TRIPtych was never released here, and the tour skipped us as well. Does the band have a plan for the U.S., or do you consider it a "lost cause"?? (There is a growing group of hard-core fans here.)

The Tea Party: Stuart - we're going to wait until they choose a president first. We plan on releasing the next studio album in the states and there will be a tour.

Mike: Can you give out any details of content and an approximate release date of the Tea Party DVD?

The Tea Party: Jeff - Release date....between March and May of 2001, the content is all 14 videos we've made. The most exciting part of it is that I've recently spent a month in Toronto remixing all the audio for those videos in surround sound. With what I've learned over the years, this has changed everything. It has re inspired me about the possibilities of music. It's the future. Once the price of 5.1 systems comes down, stereos will be out the door.

Carlo Grande: Dear Tea Party, I have really enjoyed your latest CD, Triptych, what do you think of the state of music today, especially Napster and the domination of Bubble gum pop? Thanks

The Tea Party: Stuart - seems like good quality rock music has taken a vacation for too long. Artists of integrity are sort of looked over and artists that practice their dance steps are taking over. It's going to take a band like the Tea Party to change that. Jeff - The unfortunate thing right now is that record companies have taken over music for good now. The philosophy behind Napster was good, like Communism, but you apply that to real circumstances, when things are around the net for free...we have families, bills to pay, when things are taken away from us, it has to stop. There's now nothing good about Napster. Stuart - if Napster was for rarities, that would be great. A lot of our stuff might never see the light of day but something like Napster would be great for that.

Stephen from N.S.: Will The Tea Party's cover of the Stone "Paint It Black" ever be available on CD? I've only heard it on the radio, and would love to get my hands on a good quality recording of it.

The Tea Party: Jeff - I would highly recommend you buy a copy of "Tangents" cause it's on that. Stations in Toronto have been playing the hell out of it.

Axel: Jeff, have you ever done mushrooms or acid with Roy Harper?

The Tea Party: Jeff - We have a very strong friendship, almost like an uncle/nephew type of thing. The sorcerer and the apprentice. Roy and I have experienced a lot of things together.Musically and psychedelically. We'll have more but he's got to start slowing down now.

Shannon: Hello, My name is Shannon, and my question is: Out of all the songs that you preform live, what is you most favorite to preform?

The Tea Party: Jeff - it's difficult because there's bee so many ways we've performed different songs (i.e. orchestras) Different songs have different appeals. For the most part, every single song I've written is just so incredibly personal, close. They all have their moments in the show. I think that maybe, the more challenging numbers probably come from the "Transmission" record.

Brendan: Hey Jeff. You have inspired me deeply throughout my life. So much actually that i have formed a cover band, and we play only tea party material! we're actually playing this saturday in Strathroy, ontario, and also on the 24th. I just wanted to say thanks... you wan na come?? :o)

The Tea Party: Jeff - there's a few of them now. It's wonderful but scary. I remember I went to see a band that did a lot of Tea Party music. I remember watching the guitar player and I thought he was going to break his fingers. He didn't know the proper guitar tunings that I use. It's always interesting. Unfortunately I'll be out of town when he's playing.

Nick: Hey Guys, Tangents is being released here in Australia on the 27th November. Do you have any idea of when you might be back here? Maybe after the release of the next album?? I hope its earlier!!

The Tea Party: Jeff - there is talk now of possibly doing a short promo tour with concerts. Stuart - I think it all depends on how well the record does in Australia. We have plans to go on a full tour in Australia for the next record. Probably in July or August.

Mystic Dragon: Hello there guys.. I just bought the Tangents CD today and listened to the new track Waiting on a Sign. I liked the new sound. Is this a representation of where you will be on your next studio album?

The Tea Party: Stuart - the track "Walking Wounded" would probably be more representative of where it's going. Jeff - It's going to be sort of like "Transmission 3" we've skipped two. It's going to be intense, aggressive rock music. Stuart - we played a lot of festivals in Europe, we really pumped up the energy. That will find its way onto the new record.

Jean-Noel: is it really stuart that sing on the song "i like it like that" in the stickmen era

The Tea Party: Stuart - no response!

Stephanie: The Tea Party is one of my most favorite bands to see live. I was wondering what bands you guys love seeing live?

The Tea Party: Stuart - God Speed You Black Emporer Jeff - I don't get out much anymore. Most of the bands that are hyped now, I get disappointed with. I have really high standards on what an audience deserves.

Amanda: I know you guys write all your songs so is there any one other then Roy Harper you'd like to co-write with?

The Tea Party: Stuart - most of them are dead aren't they? Jeff - I was trying to reach Wagner but no luck! Stuart - the Kronos Quartet, they can add to music, we're into working with anyone who can add to us. Jeff - Lorena McKinnet possibly. Someone mentioned it.

Valarie: Jeff, I heard you were planning on publishing a book of poetry. Is this true and if so, when can we expect this?

The Tea Party: Jeff - I've been approached, it's not on the front burner with me right now. If I did ever release a book of poetry, it probably wouldn't be under my name. Maybe it's been released already! It would be prose, things like that. You'd be able to tell though.

Robyn: Will you be playing any new material at the upcoming concerts in December?

The Tea Party: Jeff - We'll have to see how the rehearsals go. We do have new material, we'll see if we can work some things in. Obviously, "Walking Wounded," "Paint It Black". Some new stuff, some new interpretations of old stuff.

Stephen from N.S.: Do you feel that there's a lot of pressure on Canadian groups to make it big in the US before they'll be taken seriously in this country?

The Tea Party: Maybe so with some bands but with the Tea Party, it's a different situation. We're taken seriously here. We choose not to play the game in America, cause there's a lot of Canadian bands that will. The band has worked too hard to get the integrity we do have. We won't sacrifice it.

Amanda G.: Every person sees things in his or her own way, and I was wondering what your video "Heaven Coming Down" means to you.

The Tea Party: Stuart - I'm dumfounded by this question. A lot of our songs deal with the muse. Jeff - it was a very loose interpretation on a muse, a renewal of faith in a spiritual sense. If anyone really wants to know, there's a book called "Seven, Seven, Seven" Aleister Crowley that's a big part of what I do.

Steven: Will you ever re-release your first independent album?

The Tea Party: Jeff - We've tossed the idea around. I've become a bit obsessive and one of the reasons people like that record is because of the rawness of it. Stuart - I think there's other priorities in our life right now. As it is, we're running out of time everyday. It's something where in 20 years if we have some free time, we might think about it.

Scott: Hi. I just bought "Tangents" and I've been reading through the writings you did for each song. I noticed that most of them were written by Stuart, is there any particular reason for this?

The Tea Party: Stuart - Jeff felt that he writes the lyrics all the time and he felt fine with just me and Jeff B contributing. It was something we didn't sweat over.

Erin, Waterloo ON: I don't really have a question to ask, as I'm sure everyone else will take care of the all of the basics. I just want to thank you for producing some of the most beautiful music in the world today, and for allowing everyone to be exposed to the beauty, passion, and genius that each of you possess and present with each song. I hope to see you in T.O. this December.

The Tea Party: Stuart - thank you, it's nice to know the amount of work and passion we have is appreciated.

guy from aburg: hey guys whats the chance of you playing a show in your hometown

The Tea Party: Stuart - we played in May, but before that it had been about five years. With the next record we hope to return. It's hard cause there's not really a suitable venue. Sometimes it makes more sense to do shows in Detroit.

Sandro : Work is the ultimate pain and pleasure of life. Do either of you agree or disagree?

The Tea Party: Stuart - Yes, cause at the same time it can be so gratifying and frustrating.

Becky Drake: What is your favourite songs to perform live and why?

The Tea Party: Stuart - I think "Sister Awake" cause it showcases all the sides of the band. The audience really seems to get involved in that song.

Ruth Shirley: How was Cuba, did you get a chance to treat them to a performance? Jeff M. you look a bit like Che Guverra, how did that go down?

The Tea Party: Stuart - Jeff has no comment, Cuba was great, we didn't get to perform other than playing along to the video cause we had invited 15-20 local kids watch the video being made. It was a very international moment.

Diane: Jeff and Stuart, I am a big fan and always felt that Tea Party continues to thrive on your unique sound. On the last few albums there seem to be strong east indian influences/sounds making its way into the music. Can you elaborate on this. Also, my boyfriend and I think the first track on your latest cd collection would be an awesome 007 intro. Cheers.

The Tea Party: Stuart - Walking Wounded - I totally agree, it's the most cinematic song we've ever done. We used a 13 piece choir, a string section. I hope it can end up in a movie at some point. I think that's almost where it deserves to live. I think that started with our first record, on our second record, we spent most of our signing bonus on instruments. I don't think other band have integrated world music as much as we have.

Nancy: In your CD credits, songwriting is always accredited to the whole band. Do you guys collaborate on everything? How does it usually work?

The Tea Party: Stuart - We don't on everything, each of us contributes to a different extent on every song. Most songs have a bit of each members on it. Early on we decided to split the songwriting credits cause then we'll never have any arguments.

The Tea Party: The band is awestruck that we've gotten to the point of releasing a collection of our material. We never thought we'd get to this point in the day and age of one-hit bands. We'd like to thank our fans cause they are the reason we got to this level. Expect a return to the energy the band had on the first three records with the next record!

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