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Monday July 9th, 2001

Stone Temple Pilots chat transcript

Stone Temple Pilots' Dean and Robert DeLeo chatted with JAM! Music on Monday July 9th, 2001 about their new disc, 'Shangri-LA DEE DA'

MIKE (alberta): hey guys: when the band started off with CORE, did you ever think you would get this far in your career?

Dean DeLeo: Yes! We'll be chatting when I make my 10th record.

Core: Dudes, there was talk of you releasing a "greatest hits" or "best of" collection with one or two new tracks last year. What happened, and would you consider it in the near future? Rock out!

Robert DeLeo: Um, I think possibly, what we plan is leaving out the greatest hits and just putting out extra songs that we've never released on records. The greatest hits idea was around and we brought it up cause at the time we thought it might be a good idea to do, but not anymore.

Heather Daugherty: Do you feel that "Shangri" is the best overall album that STP has released? If so, what do you feel sets it apart from the other 4 albums?

Dean DeLeo: I am much too close to our music to make that statement, I simply...the band has simply made the freshest statement in music we possibly could and that is for your judgement.

Mark Renarndry: What old songs do you avoid playing live? Why?

Robert DeLeo: We don't avoid songs, there's just some songs that are better left to listen to on the record perhaps. Songs like, "Kitchen Ware and Candy Bars", "I Got You", those are songs better left to listen to on the record.

Keith Hasted: Do you still speak to or see David Coutts? (cant remember his name) talk show singer?

Dean DeLeo: I haven't talked to him in a number of years but last I talked to him he had a beautiful baby daughter and just bought himself a new house and was doing well.

PARKER: What do you credit the band's longevity to? I mean, you guys have been through a lot. What has kept you focused?

Robert DeLeo: The main focus for us has been a healthy contribution to music. We feel that we have a lot to contribute and I think if we didn't we probably wouldn't be making music anymore.

UNCLE A.: How hard was it to deal with what was going on with Scott? Did u get to visit him in jail? Was there any contact? How did you know it was going to work when he got out?

Dean DeLeo: I would visit him often, the irony was that there was glass between him and I would put my testicles up on the glass. Days Of The Week is kind of, lyrically, talking about the sensory overload he had just freshly getting out of jail. Robert - you never really sure whether it's going to work or not. That's the excitement that builds around being in a band. YEAH BABY

Matthew D. Johnston: After "Days of the Week", what is your next single going to be? I thought "Regeneration" might be a good choice. It's my favourite song off the album.

Dean DeLeo: I don't know...what about "Coma" or "Hollywood Bitch"

joel: what new songs on the album did you guys really enjoy writing and excite you?

Dean DeLeo: All of them.

Robert DeLeo: They're all our children

Pierre: are you guys ever going to release a covers album?

Dean DeLeo: I don't know about a whole album but we did that Zepplin cover, I don't know if I could get behind a whole album but maybe a song or two. We did that Doors song too.

Evan Barz: How come you guys play a lot lighter style of music now? What happened to the STP I remember when you guys played harder music?

Dean DeLeo: Tell him to go get his "****ing" money back at the record store!

Anonymous: what kind of a sound turn are STP taking in the future if any ?

Robert DeLeo: I think we're always trying to do that with our sound. You can piss someone off for not being the same and then make someone happy for changing. It's ultimately where the music comes from - from ourselves. We want to simply please ourselves. Dean - simply, we write what we feel.

Brock: Do you guys think you will release the documentary you made while recording in Malibu? Have you seen the whole thing and were you impressed?

Dean DeLeo: We haven't seen the whole thing, we shot 3 months of footage and have some great stuff and we're excited about sitting down to look at it and put together a little film.

Jamie Coughlan: What are your favourite bans that have appeared on the scene in the last 4 or 5 years?

Robert DeLeo: Hang on, I've got to think. That's hard for me to answer because I have a hard time getting past 1980.

Dean DeLeo: I like that band Spiritulized. Robert - I think great bands that have really remained bands are Radiohead, The Flaming Lips...Sigur Ros and most of all....Joe C will live forever.

Emily: When does STP plan on doing another U.S. tour? i saw you guys in October it was an amazing show!

Dean DeLeo: We'll be headlining Family Values, October/November On the tour, Staind, Linkin Park, System Of A Down.

alex c: in an article i read off of canoe, the performer Tricky had stated that "sour girl" was a rip of one of his album cuts a few years back. have you heard about this? and what do you think about it? personally, i think the two are not even close to comparable. and besides, "sour girl" is and was a great tune. thanks guys

Dean DeLeo: I will be struck dead if I'm lying - I've never heard a Tricky song in my life. That's rather pompous.

ScorcH: This question is for Dean. Who were your early influences growing up?

Dean DeLeo: Neil Young, Burt Bacharach, Led Zepplin, Jeff Beck, Rolling Stones, The Move...I could go on and on and on.

Barry O' Halloran: Where do ye get the inspiration to write your songs?

Robert DeLeo: It's very personal. It's all we got.

The Toecutter: Do you guys feed off of the brotherly competitiveness thing?

Dean DeLeo: It's a very healthy competitiveness though, when one of us comes in, it encourages the other to raise the bar.

Wanda Mae Medlock: What is the best thing about meeting fans?

Robert DeLeo: Finding out that there's such amazing names like Wanda Mae Medlock.

Darren Twomey: Which video for ye was the most fun making?

Robert DeLeo: The Pamela Anderson video that never came out. That was fun, that was awesome.

Robert DeLeo: In all seriousness, I'd have to say Vaseline.

greatwhite: A lot of bands that came out around the same time STP did have band members with solo projects now. Do any of the STP band members have any other solo plans?

Robert DeLeo: I actually have a boyband in the works that I'm putting together. I'm going to be in it too, not just managing it. It's called The Back Alley Sluts.

Emmy: What would you guys be doing now if you were not in STP?

Dean DeLeo: Oh God, how do you answer that? I'd be in a band with Robert, some sort of band. Robert - We'd be playing music. Weddings...

Jeff: What are the fans reaction the new album?

Dean DeLeo: Everybody loves it. What's Jeff's reaction.

susan: why did you change the band name - it was Mighty Joe Young, right?

Dean DeLeo: There was a Blues artist out of Chicago that was making records before we were born and we were made aware of that just before we were about to release our record.

Nicole D: Do you guys look forward to doing tours?

Robert DeLeo: Being on the road is very difficult and trying on you as a person but being able to be that close to fans is really an honour and we love performing live. See you soon!

mountainbikerjen: What do you think of STP.com's bbs?

Robert DeLeo: It's quite flattering, we're honoured that people take the time to do website. Dean : We are the most fortunate guys, any artist who gets to do what they love to do most, to be appreciated for it is a complete blessing and we do not take it likely and we LOVE our fans very much and they mean the world to us. I would F*** them all if I could but wife wouldn't dig it.

Douglas O.: To what extent have your own personal lives, apart from Scott's, influenced the shape of the current album?

Robert DeLeo: What makes all of our records sound the way they do, whether it's musically or lyrically is the collaboration of all of our lives. Dean : I'll say it again, we simply write what we feel.

Tanto-1: Grunge music died, you guys didnt... howcome?

Dean DeLeo: We never paid attention to what was going on around us. Robert: we just did what we wanted to do. It was always other people's ideas to link us to what was happening at the time and we were never interested in what was going on at the time, we saw ourselves making records years from them.


Robert DeLeo: We want to thank everyone taking the time to log on and for being a part of this band, and hopefully we will see you soon and we love you all. Dean: Your opinions and devotion and love means the world to me, I think of it and hold it dear to my heart on a daily basis. I feel I owe everything to you all and when I come to your town I will bleed for you.

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Stone Temple Pilots

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