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Thursday, July 12, 2001

Piper Perabo & Jessica Pare Chat transcript

Movie stars Piper Perabo and Jessica Pare joined JAM! Thursday July 12th, 2001 to chat about their new film 'Lost And Delirious.' Read the chat transcript here...

leah: hi!! How was it filming "lost and delirious", together? and do you think your going to be any more things together in the future? thanks again

Piper Perabo: Lea: It was great and I hope I will work with these girls again very soon because they are gorgeous and so talented and you HAVE to meet them.

PALADIN: I'd like to ask both of you if you have a role model whose career you'd like to emulate. Not necessarily in terms of copying their style, but just someone who has had the kind of career you'd like to have.


Piper Perabo: I would like to have a career similar to Willem Defoe, he has a theatre in New York and he funds it doing interesting film roles.

Jessica Pare: I would like to have a career like Lea (much cheering in room).

James: Did anything funny happen to you guys while filming this movie?

Piper Perabo: I pretended to sneeze once. Lea thought I was sick. Once the bird wouldn't do what he was supposed to do Lea would say to the trainers: "Shut Up, Shut Up, I can make him do it" she would look at him and say "BIRD" and he would do just what he was supposed to do.

sillysquash: Lea, how was working with a script different from working with one you've written yourself?

Piper Perabo: LEA: It was...different, it was very interesting because it pushed me in a different direction and it's a way to keep going, my first film was very personal.

Jammer in TN: To both Piper and Jessica: What is the single most important message that you hope viewers get out of this movie?

Jessica Pare: I think it's dangerous to want to take one thing from it.

Piper Perabo: If you want the message, the best thing to do is see the movie

Piper Perabo: LEA: Sorry, in the previous answer, Lea meant her previous film, not her first film, was very personal.

Marilyn: Piper, is it true that you had a chance to play in Pearl Harbor but you preferred to play in Lost and Delirious??

Piper Perabo: I believe in make love, not war.

ECHO: Jessica Coming from Canada, what is the biggest adjustment to working in the movie biz, which is largely based in the US. Also, are you interested in continuing to work in Canada?

Jessica Pare: I haven't actually worked in American movies...Absolutely (she wants to keep working in Canada).

TARNATION: Are you guys going to participate in any DVD extras for Lost And Delirious? Narration? Any deleted scenes you can tell us about?

Jessica Pare: LEA: We made a documentary about the shooting of the film, there's a lot of interviews with the actors.

Ivan: Question for Piper . . . I saw "Lost and Delirious" and thought it was your best film by far. Was it difficult filming the love scenes in "Lost and Delirious"? Good luck on all your future projects.

Piper Perabo: Love scenes are really technical and choreographed so that makes it difficult. But it comes out beautifully because Lea is choreographing it. You'll see what I mean if you go see the movie.

Aislin: What do you think about Reality TV? Have a favorite Reality TV show?

Jessica Pare: I don't have cable.

Piper Perabo: I don't watch TV.

Andrea: Hi girls, I know it's probably hard to briefly put it into words, but according to you, what is the greatest appeal of this movie?

Jessica Pare: I think the love story and it's very true...

Jessica Pare: LEA: The quality of emotions....

annie: Lea: How is it working with the three main leads? I had so many things about big stars demanding so much on the set - from M&Ms in the middle of the night, etc. Did any of these girls ask for something like "I want an ice cream right now!"?

Jessica Pare: LEA: Blueberry pancakes, Jessica wants them...

Jessica Pare: LEA: Piper always needs books, there's never enough books.

Jessica Pare: LEA: Mischa, to let her sister say "Action" because she was on the set and her sister wanted to be a director and sometimes I let her say: "action".

Kevin J. Kelly-St. John's, NF: This question is for Jessica. You were recently part of the TV mini-series Random Passage, which was filmed in Newfoundland. How did you enjoy the experience of working on a project in Newfoundland?

Jessica Pare: I loved it. It's beautiful out there and people are super, super nice. It was difficult because we were shooting on this cape, there wasn't even a road and then they could only build it so far so we had a ten minute walk through rocks and mud in these period piece shoes.

ELISE: What projects are you working on next?

Jessica Pare: LEA: The Blue Butterfly, it's about a ten-year-old boy, he's very sick and he wants to capture a blue butterfly before he dies and it's about his adventure and how he changes the life of everybody around. It's a true story.

Piper Perabo: I've done 2 projects, one is called "Slap Her, She's French" it's a dark comedy set in Texas, it's the first villain I've played so far. Then I just finished a movie called "A Piece Of My Heart" and now I'm going home to my garden to plant flowers. (Well, Friday morning)

Jessica Pare: I'm working on Napolean which is a mini-series shooting in Europe and Random Passage is coming out in the fall.

squarsh: Jessica, everybody asks Piper if it was difficult to portray someone with such intense emotions...was it difficult for you to be playing the person on the receiving end?

Jessica Pare: It was acting...I don't know if it makes it more difficult..my character is torn between 2 worlds, one is her love which is so pure but takes more courage and more guts to go through with where the other world is safer for her and that's something we can all kind of identify with and in that way it was really rewarding.

mel: how is the film the same and different from the book "the wives of bath" by susan swan

Piper Perabo: LEA: It's very different, it was more about the character of Mouse, the ending was much more violent, but we changed a lot, it's difficult to say all of it. The book will be available, it might be interesting to read the book after.

USMALE: Have you guys ever been seriously victimized by the tabloid press? what's the worst invasion of your privacy you've experienced?

Piper Perabo: We'll skip that.

LJ: I just saw the movie yesterday and thought all the actors did a fine job! Piper especially! - what an emotional roller coaster your role seems to have been. I was wondering what the actors themselves felt about the film's ending? Appropriate? Does this send out a negative message?

Piper Perabo: LEA: It's difficult to answer this question because we don't want to give away the ending. It is appropriate, but I don't want to discuss it too much and give away too much.

CEEDEE: What music are you listening to these days?

Jessica Pare: The new Ani CD.

Piper Perabo: I got a new of Turkish Sufi music

Piper Perabo: The new Manu Chao

Charlie: I am sooooo excited about this film. Your characters deal with feelings of loss, questioning of sexual identity and other strong emotional situations. How did this affect you at the end of the day after filming? After finishing the film?

Piper Perabo: I'm tired at the end of the day, you have a fight with the person you love, it's exhausting, you have to do it 40 times, you're soooo tired.

Piper Perabo: It's like what my dad says, you're tired but it's a good kind of tired.

Jessica Pare: I was tired as well, I just felt like being mush after those days, I think I was. LEA: Tired. But I knew that there was something strong coming, even if I didn't know what the film would be, I knew what they had done was great.

Jessica Pare: LEA: For the first time I'm doing this (a chat) I find it touching to talk to everyone and I hope they all go to see the movie and like it. BIRD.

Jessica Pare: Thanks everybody who wrote us questions, it's nice to see that so many people are excited about the film and we're excited to be able to give it to you. Hope you can all go see it.

Piper Perabo: I want to thank CANOE, Lea, Jess, and all you guys that came to type with us. And I want to give a shout out to Mischa!

Piper Perabo: I'll see you in the theatres on the 27th!!!!

Moderator: Lost And Delirious is already playing in select cities in the US now, and it opens in Montreal and the US on July 20, and in Canada July 27. The website for the film is www.lostanddeliriousthemovie.com


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Piper Perabo and Jessica Pare in 'Lost And Delirious'


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