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Tuesday, March 14, 2000

Matthew Good Band Chat!

We'll be starting the chat with Matthew Good Band on March 14, 2000 at 9pm E.T. If you have any questions, type them in and hit Ask My Question. If you want to refresh the chat room, set a refresh rate (if you want one), and hit Refresh Chat. Thanks!

Matthew Good Band Your disembodied moderator: We're about half an hour away from starting. See you at 9 (ET).

Matthew Good Band Five minutes away.

Caitlin: First, congrats on your Junos! That's awesome, you guys totally deserve them. And second, I'm wondering about your videos. How much input do you have in the concepts for your videos?. What happened to the 'lost' 'Symbolistic White Walls' video with the whole half man/half animal thing? Are you ever going to release it to the public? (say on a video compilation?)

Matthew Good Band Matt: Thanks, as far as videos concerned, I've written all of them since everything's automatic. The video you're thinking of, I burned it.

Anonymous: Hey Guys! Quick and easy question for you - are you confirmed for Edgefest this year?

Matthew Good Band Matt: I basically believe if there is an Edgefest, we will be playing it. It's up in the air now, from what I understand.

Mike from Burlington: What does Matt think about the Juno awards?

Matthew Good Band I wasn't at the Junos because I was in Los Angeles on personal business. Why would I want to sit around with a whole bunch of ridiculously dressed people for two hours. The guys did really well and covered my ass quite well. And why would I want to endure the torture of The Moffatts?

Sam: HI guys, Your music initiates a great amount of visual imagery, either through lyrics and/or through the music. This probably explains why your music videos are rich in content and at the same time entertaining. My question is if you`ve ever been approached to do the sound track to movies or tv dramas (or game shows!)? Maybe you guys can do the music for Canadian ice skaters. Although, I think your music would fit more with team synchronized swimming.

Matthew Good Band Yes, nothing that really turned my crank, but I'd love to do a game show theme. If I ever did a game show theme, I'd have to quit because I know I'd have reached the top.

Greg Lightfoot, Kingston, ON: Matt when you are up front singing I get the sense that deep down your laughing. Possibly laughing at all those who may have given you a hard time in your past, is this true? If not, what do you feel when you have thousands of people cheering for you and the other three talented members of "The Matthew Good Band"?

Matthew Good Band Do I have laundry? And if I do, where can I get it done, possibly the next day.

katrina: what do you do in your spare time, Matt? where do you get your inspiration?

Matthew Good Band What spare time? My inspiration? Alberto Vargas vignettes.

Joe Beleznay: Hello from pop-infested US of A, Band & Mr. Good: (Introduction ass-kissing) First of all, you guys are, hands down, the best band I've been fortunate enough to discover. I've spread your music, like cream cheese throughout my state. I swear by you guys, literally, at children. I wanted to take this chance to thank you for putting out intelligent, amazing music. And I better see you guys come to the US, or I will take myself hostage. I have thought long and hard for a good question and have come up with nothing I don't already know, but here goes a thought: If each one of you had the opportunity to sit down and have a conversation with anyone (dead or alive, past or present) in the world, who would it be?

Matthew Good Band J.P. Patches. By far the most kick-ass clown that has ever lived on the face of the planet. I would probably have a conversation while playing mini-golf with him.

Laura : Hi The video for "Load Me Up" is now my favourite (taking over from "Just" by Radiohead). Who came up with the idea for the video, and what is the significance? Whatever is behind it, it rocks!

Matthew Good Band I did. Stalker. Art reflecting life. End.

Frank Hejl: When will anything by MGB be released in the States? I live in Texas and I've been waiting forever for something! I don't even get MUCH MUSIC unless I go to a friend's house, and I'm hooked on your music! Please! Release Underdogs or Beautiful Midnight at least! And a small tour if it isn't too much. I NEED SOME MGB CDS! PLEASE! Your Patient(somewhat) Texan fan,

Matthew Good Band For all the Americans out there, I'm going to do my best for fall. Don't hold your breath, though. We kind of have to go to Europe before the summer. In May.

ALF: Whatever happened to the Bananabotz movie? Did production begin? I think Bob Saget would be great in this movie, his leading ladie can be Fran Dreshner, she's halarious!

Matthew Good Band We had problems in pre-production with the banamation.

Natasha: When and where can I get black market surgery? When will merch be available on your website? Thanx for the amazing music, keep the kick-ass tunes coming and come back to do another all-ages show in Regina SK.

Matthew Good Band Merch will be available in May of this year, and it will include a variety of soccer apparel. The book, probably next September for mass consumption.

ChiLdFoOt: Matthew Good, I find that your lyrics resemble that of the beat, like Alan Ginsberg.. are you influenced by this genre of poetry? or if not, what are you influenced by>

Matthew Good Band I'm not a big fan of the Beats. I'm more into satirists, people like Kurt Vonnegut.

Matthew Good Band I haven't done that much heroin, nor have I shot my wife in the head, therefore Burroughs and me, we just don't have anything in common.

Casey O'Brien (Grand Bend): Hi, my question is for Matt, but i am also curious how the other band members feel. It is in regard to role models. Matt has been my role model since I discovered The Matthew Good Band two years ago. I am also a song writer and am very much inspired by Matt's lyrics as well as his brilliant manifestos. How does Matt and the band feel about role models (being labeled as them, being in the public eye and who were theirs while they were trying to get where they are). I also have one more question. I've only been to two shows (edgefest and the western fair(london)) and both times I went just to see them and both times was amazed by how good they are live. How do they feel about live shows, as I know a few other bands hate touring. How important do they feel it is to perform well on stage? thanks a lot I won't take up any more time One of your biggest fans

Matthew Good Band That's pretty easy for me. My grandfather. No need for super heroes. Being a role model, as long as people are thining for themselves. No one should take everything we say as a band as literal. There is no black and white in life. All is grey.

Julie: Literature seems to be integral to you. I would love to know the last book you read that totally changed your life, and why it did so.

Matthew Good Band The last book I read that really changed my life? "Hard Boiled Wonderland And The End Of The World" by Haruki Murakami. GO find out why.

Shawn in Chilly Southern ontario: Aloha from Ontario, Saw some new tour dates are out, Mainly on the west coast, Any chance of a return to Ontario anytime soon? Caught you guys back In December at a smaller club setting and cant wait to see a full set! and more importantly, well not really but very interested none the less, Are there any tracks from your pre underdogs release "last of the ghetto astronauts" that you still play live?

Matthew Good Band Despite what's posted, the tour will be coming into Eastern Ontario and Quebec and Montreal. We'll be coming in and around Toronto area, so calm down. They'll all be before the end of May. Central Canada dates go on sale this weekend, and Eastern Canada should be announced shortly after.

Warren: Beauty over brains or brains over beauty?

Matthew Good Band (Mutes over both.)

adrienne: what's the deal with jenny's song? and the manifesto about jenny? is any of it true? and who is this wonderful woman who has caught your eye?

Matthew Good Band Like I'm going to give that away. There's a reason why I changed the name, and I'm not going to get into it.

Lori: Do you think that the effects that the Internet has had on access to music and band information is positive for mgb?

Matthew Good Band I have a problem with it only when people grab bits and pieces of something that an artist intends to be a whole. And I don't give a flying f--- whether or not it's their right to have one little bit of this or that. We make albums that are entire bodies of work, so I'm somewhat against them being chopped up for mass consumption. If you want to go home and cut them up after you've bought them, that's fine.

Q: How do you feel about CanCon regulations and the danger of radio play burning people out on certain Canadian bands?

Matthew Good Band It's got its good points and bad points. That's too large of a topic to discuss right now. That's like a couple of hours discussion.

Brian: The Manifesto of February 99 you said that you were in Prison. Although it sounded like a sweet place to be, how did it feel to be there and if you don't mind telling us.... how did you get there anyways?

Matthew Good Band Minimum security prison is fun but not that fun. And no comment.

Is true you originally wanted to do something like teach history?

Matthew Good Band New material? Yup, I've been writing some stuff. I had an operation on my voice in January, so it kind of sidetracked me. But I've been writing, but I've got at least another year before we put out anything. But I've got maybe 10 of them, or so.

Ian(Ottawa): When you write which comes first? Music or Lyrics?

Matthew Good Band Same time. Well,I'll come up with something like a riff, but I'll write the verse, then the lyrics, then I go looking for the choruses. Which means right now I've got five really wicked verses and I've got to go find a chorus.

Brianna: okay, since this stupid computer's fucking up at the most convenient time, i'll ask these simple questions whether you get them or not is my prob. Could ya possibly do and all ages show in halifax wit semisonic or do you think that they're too pussy for your liking? and what's your fav song you have ever written?

Matthew Good Band Favourite song? Probably have to be Suburbia. Maybe with kind of like Giant and Born To Kill running a close second.

meagan: got any "words of inspiration" for a someone who's starting a band of their own?

Matthew Good Band Make sure you do it for the right reasons. And as far as those reasons are concerned, you'll know what they are.

Smartass and Monkeygirl: Recently heard Flashdance II, thought it was the most amazing and powerful song you've ever written! What was the inspiration behind it - or did you write that at Dave's birthday party...Whatever you did, it works really well! Are you gonna play it live, like, say, in Edmonton?

Matthew Good Band A really smart stripper. That's what it's about.

Matthew Good Band Make that a rather intelligent stripper that I once knew.

Dylan Worts: Hi what is " a boy and his machine gun" about. Does it have anything to do with the shootings in schools such as Colombine or Tabre. I love that song and was just wondering. Also if you are looking for anyone to direct the video for Suburbia I have a great Idea . h

Matthew Good Band It's about a mental institution. I wrote it before the Colorado thing happened.

DanX: I saw an earlier comment that you feel a Game Show theme would be along the lines of amazing success for you, what would your opinion be if you were asked to do an entrance theme for a profession wrestler if you watch that?

Matthew Good Band I would probably cap myself.

Matthew Good Band Watch wrestling! What is this wrestling you speak of?

katrina: matt, i heard that you don't recognize award shows as a way of measuring your success, how do you measure your success then?

Matthew Good Band How do I measure my success? Good question. If my video collection gets bigger, that means I have more money to buy movies.

Matthew Good Band Here's a question: Do you believe in a God? Matt: Which One?

Alicia: Matt, your manifestos are very varied in style and language from 1997-2000. Why such a drastic change?

Matthew Good Band Largely because I have never written a full length novel, and I thought I'd try my hand at a variety of things to see if I could do them. And it also depends on what kind of mood I'm in. Sometimes it takes a night to write (a manifesto), some times I can go on for a month.

katrina: how do you feel about bands such as the Backstreet boys and their exploding popularity? Commercialism?

Matthew Good Band I love them. They're my favourite band in the whole world. Aren't they cute?

Matthew Good Band Moderator: Last couple of questions for Matt, then we'll bring Dave on.

Is true you originally wanted to do something like teach history?

Matthew Good Band I originally wanted to do that for a living. Yeah, sure. Why not?

Matthew Good Band A parting message from Matt: Thanks to everyone for coming by. Eat your Wheaties. And be nice to Dave, because Dave's back is hurt. And also rag a lot on Dave because Warren gave him my Arsenal bathroom towels and he won't bring them to my house, so give him a lot of guilt to bring them to me.

Matthew Good Band Moderator: We now have Dave here.

Q: I heard you were half-Japanese and was just wondering if you've ever faced an interesting situation because of it?

Matthew Good Band Well, my mother's maiden name is Shimozawa. And there's a story. The guitarist in a very good band called Zuckerbaby is named Reed Shimozawa. And I met him recently and played on the new Zukerbaby record and I asked him, we were trying to establish if we were released and we asked members of our families. My mother grew up in Winnipeg and his has been in CAlgary for generations. We were not indeed related, however, his oldest aunt had met my grandparents in the '50s and Reed's aunt has a photo of herself with my mother.

Q: What are your thoughts on MP3s?

Matthew Good Band Well, its a double edged sword. At this point the artists and the writers are not being paid when you download an MP3. It's us giving our hard work away. From that point of view, I don't like them whatsoever. However, the idea of free flowing information is a good one. And I hope in the future something can be put into place to allow us to download whatever music we want from the Net and still the artist will be able to be paid properly for the amount of work that we're doing.

Q: Who plays more guitar on the records? Is it Matt or Dave?

Matthew Good Band I tend to do the wheedles and the pickies, and Matt tends to do the strummies. In general, I'm on the right and Matt's on the left. You separate the guitarists to give you a live feel.

Q: How would you describe the relationship between all the band members?

Matthew Good Band The relationship between a band is one that is very unnatural and is unlike any other relationship you'd have with friends or family. Best way I've heard it described is your relationship within a band is like having three wives, but the sex is shitty. (Who described it like that?) Me.

Q: What contribution do you think MGB has made to the Canadian rock music scene?

Matthew Good Band I think we've singlehandedly brought back the monkey mask. Our contribution to Canadian rock music is, God I don't know. We are concerned with making albums, and we're concerned with making records like the ones we grew up on. When I was a kid int eh 70s and early 80s, you bought records and listened to them from beginning to end. You didn't make a mixed MP3 file out of your favourite singles, or didn't have records like Big Shiny Tunes where you got an overview of the singles that were released on the radio that year. It's very important to us that people can put our record on and listen to the full 65 minutes. SO maybe our contribution is exponentially increasing the attention span of Canadian youth.

Q: Dave, do you have any brothers and sisters? What do you like to do in your spare time?

Matthew Good Band I am the oldest, my brother and sister are three years younger and are twins. Spare time? I like watching sports on TV. I hang around with my friends. I play a lot of guitar. And that's about it. I heavily sedate myself as often as possible.

Q: What do you think about music being taught in schools?

Matthew Good Band I was very lucky in that I had an excellent band program in my high school. Without the influence of a very good band teacher I had in grade 8 to 11, I don't think I'd be in the same position I'm in now. I don't think it's my place to comment on general curriculum. However, I feel that the arts are very very important for everyone.

Q: If I were to begin production on a movie where everything blows up in a shower of fire a debris would you watch it? And more importantly, would you give me money to make this movie?

Matthew Good Band I love movies that stuff blows up in. However, even though the band is getting quite successful now, I still couldn't afford to bankroll a film with expensive pyro.

Q: Who would you say are your biggest musical influences?

Matthew Good Band I would start by saying that my mom enrolled me in piano lessons when I was 6 and guitar lessons at 10. I was playing in bars by the time I was 15, playing original music. I think today I'm heavily influenced on guitar by people like Johnny Marr, Smashing Pumpkins, particularly "Siamese Dream", Sonic Youth. On keyboards I'm very influenced by Talk Talk. However, I have over a thousand CDs and enjoy many styles of music. And I've always known music would be my life. When I was 7 years old, I wanted to be a rock star. Then when I was 10, I briefly wanted to be an elementary school teacher, for about six months or so. Then I went back to rock star.

Matthew Good Band Moderator: We're going to have to wrap it up.

Matthew Good Band Thanks everyone for logging on. And we will see you all when we pass through town in April or May.

Matthew Good Band Moderator: Folks, that you all for participating. I'm sorry we couldn't get to more questions, but the truth is, there were so many of you logging into the chat, things were getting very overloaded at this end. So, our apologies if your question didn't get out there. We will post a full transcript of the chat at www.canoe.ca/Jam in about an hour. Thanks again for your questions, and your patience.

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Matthew Good fielded questions from fans as part of an exclusive JAM! Chat.

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