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Monday November 5, 2001

Matthew Good Band chat transcript

Matthew Good chatted with JAM! Music on Monday November 5, 2001 about his band's new disc "The Audio Of Being."

Matthew Good: Matt is in the house. We're ready to go. Shoot!

Matt Gibson: Matt I love your music and congratulations on the completion of your new C.D. My question for you is, who is carmelina?? Thanks again!

Matthew Good: It's basically a representation ... the chorus of that song is about William Burroughs shooting his wife in the head, but her name wasn't Carmelina. I was in Los Angeles when I wrote it and there was a street near Beverly Hills called Carmelina. I thought it was Carmelia.

Alex Collins: Would you ever consider putting out an acoustic album with some of your heavier songs remixed acoustically?

Matthew Good: No, not really. No. I f**king hate remixes of s**t. It seems like a perfectly good waste of time when one could be doing something new.

RunningForScissors: Live Album / DVD Rumors, Any Truth To These?

Matthew Good: Yeah, there is some truth. I'm sure there will be some DVD super package in the future, but I don't know about a live record. We'll leave it there. I don't have an aversion to them.

Slappy Mutt Mutt: The media in this country has focused on the bands you don't like, and I was wondering what (if any) Canadian bands/musicians you *do* like? Tea Party/Holly McNarland/Weakerthans/Moist/etc?

Matthew Good: Hmm. That is a tough one. Copyright is my favorite band. For sure, absolutely. Godspeed You Black Emperor, I like them. A lot of them are older. Lenny Cohen, Sarah Harmer, her record is cool. Lots of Canadian bands you have never heard of, enter name here.

starfreak: Hey matt, if you could do a joint concert or tour or whatever with anybody, dead, alive, alive yet walking dead, what band or dude would it be?

Matthew Good: Probably Pete Townshend and David Byrne, and I would do an entire show of all of Empty Glass and all of REmain In Light.

Matthew Good: That would be a pretty kickass show.

Alberto in DC: Matt, do you see Carmelina as being the first U.S. single as well? Or would something like Anti-Pop work better in a market that is not as used to your music?

Matthew Good: When it comes to America, one can only go with the lowest common denominator, so whichever of those two is it. Anti-Pop, probably.

Sagar: What was the inspiration or idea behind the whole concept of the artwork on The Audio Of Being?

Matthew Good: Well, Sugar ... Basically, I was looking up information on Fiji in an atlas. I was going to go there on holiday. I was flipping through the front,and I looked at water cycles and evolutionary changes. I said, this would be a great idea for a record. I had it in mind when I was working on the record. Afterwards, that is what the cover came to represent for me, the cycle of a band.

Guy Smiley: Greetings It's well established that you are very critical of your work. That said, what is your biggest criticism of The Audio of Being?

Matthew Good: That is a difficult question to answer. It was a record made under duress. I can't say I like it as an album whatsoever. I am not fond of it. I will never be put in a position where I make a record like that again, having personal conflicts while i am making something, I won't stand for it.

Danny: Jello Biafra once said "Don't Hate the Media, BECOME the media" Whats your take on that?

Matthew Good: I would don't the media, overcome the media. Having talked to Jello before, Jello tends to say a lot of things he can't remember. That man talks faster than any human alive.

Emily from Coquitlam: This question is for Matt. Well, you never got to do a reading for your book in Vancouver but I wanted to ask if you were asked by a university to do a lecture, say by UBC for instance, what topic would you do it on and why?

Matthew Good: That's a good one ... I don't really know. I would do a lecture on the fine art of being two people at once.

Sean O'Malley : Matt,there is 3 different covers of the audio of being and there's supposed to be a message of some sort can you tell me what the message says?

Matthew Good: Yeah. Ha, ha ha ... thanks for the cash. Basically, it is no more complicated than that. I could feed you bulls**t about life being in black, white and grey, but people can download and burn a record, so I can sell it to you in three different colors. I believe it is called fire with fire.

Pavan Moondi: Do you think Pony Boy and All Together will ever resurface on perhaps another EP?

Matthew Good: It could. I'm sure they will be on the mega-compilation thing in the future. The blowout spectacular. Some greatest misses. You kind of have to be talking, don't you? To discuss something like that, and since as a band, we're not.

Matthew Good: I think everyone is going to go on holidays for a while. I have had it. Working on a new record for four or five weeks, that's all I have been doing.

Mark: Here is the most cliche question of all time, how did you get into music?

Matthew Good: I didn't have the wherewithal to look into a career in porn. That way, I wouldn't have to play music to get laid, I could just get laid.

Aimee from Winnipeg: What are some things people can expect in the upcoming MGB tour,coming this January?

Matthew Good: We;re touring in January? The band has no plans to appear at all. As of right now, there are no plans to go on the road.

Rachelle: Hi. I know this is totally off topic, but I was wondering about your takes, if any, on the whole "September 11th" situation. Do you think it will affect your music in the future?

Matthew Good: Wars effect people.Not in a gushing sympathetic way. When it comes to things like that, you have to take the long view. While it is going on, you are involved in it... Let's skip this. It is a quagmire.

randall eulman: Along with many other styles of music i'm getting into, i really am getting into the underground college/university scene. any bands i should check out?

Matthew Good: There's a college/university scene? I thought Geffen Records bought that in 1991. I didn't know they had sold it back. Have you heard of that? I didn't know there was an underground anymore. That whole Pavement, Pixie thing which doesn't exist any more.

Sean O'Malley : Matt what is with the pig's mask in the carmelina video?

Matthew Good: That was basically ... there was a bunch of masks to choose from in the props department. That one fit the best. Afterwards, there was a windmill in it, so it was an Animal Farm reference. But it is far too convoluted for the general public.

Jeff: In the past, taking a break or vacation from "the band" thing consisted of you composing new music and creating new songs. Will this be the case this time?

Matthew Good: Probably. Yeah. I might do something by myself, though. I might go into the studio by myself. I'm not too sure.

Christa: How do you deal with being a "rock star"? Are there times where you just have to stand back and reflect as to what has taken place within the past 5 to 6 years? In turn,has being in the public eye effected your relationships with friends and family?

Matthew Good: I stay at home a lot.

Caitlin Powers: Are you satisfied with your career as it stands now?

Matthew Good: No. Not really. I think for me, for a lot of years, I have worked incredibly hard on behalf of other people. Being in my position, the band named after me, when s**t goes wrong, I am to blame. And when s**t goes right, it is everybody's doing. Which is bulls**t. Take me out of the equation, and it is guys playing keyboards for Art Bergmann. For people whining about not getting enough exposure or money, I never got into it for that reason, so I just don't care. I can go off on my own and do this with one arm tied behind my back. (is the group over?) I don't know. Two months ago, I thought we had gotten into this situation with Dave out of the way, but he is 12 years old. He doesn't get credit or whatever. When you get into a creative situation, you have to listen to lame opinions of we should do this or that. What the f**k are you talking about? I don't want to be 37 years old playing Hello Timebomb to 17 years old. There has to be a time when you can do the U2 thing and appeal to a bigger audience. That's what I wanted this record to do. From what I understand right now, Dave is waffling on a lot of things. If Dave comes back and everyone gets their heads out of their ass and they want to do something other than make money ... Then I don't have time for that. I am not into this to go out and play arena shows for cash. I was born in the wrong era, in 1969 when I could put a record out every six months, tour the world. Radiohead got away with it very well, putting out records out quickly. Most bands wait two years. The record company wants to get as much water out of the stone. And then the record is irrelevant. I play with some musicians who have reached the limit of what is their heads. I sit at home listening to Magical Mystery Tour on headphones and realize this is just these guys having fun.

Dave Rednal: If you could have one band (dead or alive) cover your a MGB song. who would you want to do it?

Matthew Good: Alan Parsons Project. I would like to see Alan Parsons Project do INdestructible and rename it S**t Sandwich.

Matthew Good: Bye guys. Sorry, I apologize for everything I didn't get to. Sorry about that. You can email me at ... allsop60@hotmail.com. I probably won't answer it, but if you send something interesting, you never can tell.

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Matthew Good Band

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