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Tuesday, May 21, 1996

Ashley MacIsaac Chat

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 7:37PM (-0500 GMT) Hello,this is Ashley.To start I'm in a structured session here in Toronto to have a live chat on the net.Well let me begin by saying that this is fun and wonderful but is specific and is not my inly intention for the net.Karen Parker ha introduced my to many concepts on how far one can reach in imagination on this thing.So a few times I have told people that at a near date i.I would purchase a computer,Well once again I tell to all,soon I will have a computer and we will all be hooked up at any point.Now lets begin tonights chat and see what tkakes place.

newedge: . . . . Tue, May 21, 7:38PM (-0500 GMT) Ashley, do you have any classical violin training?

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 7:39PM (-0500 GMT) I don't have any classical training but have enjoyed the feel of Heifits(if that's how you spell it.

Peter: . . . . Tue, May 21, 7:39PM (-0500 GMT) Ashley, are you related to Joe McIsaac who put out some albums of fiddle music in the 60's.

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 7:40PM (-0500 GMT) I don't know Joe's playing-never heard of him-my home address is Box 10 Creignish,Inv.Co. N.S.-B0E 2T0-send me something

Scratchy: . . . . Tue, May 21, 7:40PM (-0500 GMT) I understand your new album is all traditional music. Why did you decide tp go thjat route after the success of the last album, which wasn't traditional at all?

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 7:43PM (-0500 GMT) I wanted to make an album of tunes catering to a particular audience I have had for years,as well as hoping to sell the straight old fashioned style to any body else that will now listen(I danced thinking of people dancing down the 401

Karen: . . . . Tue, May 21, 7:43PM EST (-0500 GMT) When are you going to get a computer?

Ashley MacIsaac :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:45PM EST (-0550 GMT) Well I know I need one soon so that complete computing freedom will be accessible-this is cool but what happened to that question about being a herion attick-hey Mr .Controller-send me some dirt!!!!

Christian Ray: . . . . Tue, May 21, 7:45PM (-0550 GMT) Hey Ashley: I'd like to say that you're my favourite artist and I'll be at Molson Park to watch you perform at Edgefest. I've got just one question for you at the moment. What made you decide to play the fiddle?

Ashley MacIsaac :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:47M EST (-0550 GMT) I was around all the time fiddle tunes,so it was a natural extension of my habitat.

Jennifer Parker :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:49M EST (-0550 GMT) Hi Ashley! I'm Karen's youunger sister Jennifer, i met you at the hamilton show but you probably don't remember- anyways. Hi! How are you today? Oh, and will you being coming to the Festival of Friends in Hamilton this summer?

Ashley MacIsaac :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:49M EST (-0550 GMT) I remember Karen introducing me to you Jennifer-but as to your question -no I won't be at F.o.F-I'll be in the States at that time this year I think-but it was great last year eh(Moxy-Fruvis were cool).

John Zinck :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:49M EST (-0550 GMT) Who came up with the idea for the Brenda Stubbert video and what exactly are you saying when you mouth those phrases... I noticed you do that twice in the video.

Ashley MacIsaac :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:52M EST (-0550 GMT) The director Havier,and on set go aheads were what made the video futage-editing was done by Havier and some other heads around I'm sure,and What I'm saying is p-is for people,p-is for purple,and p-is for piper,sort of covers the spectrum

unknown :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:55M EST (-0550 GMT) Lately I've been hearing some rumours about you:
1) that you're gay(and)
2) That you are a frequent user of heroine.
What do you say to people who might believe these things?

Ashley MacIsaac :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:55M EST (-0550 GMT) Well i found the question about being gay and Herion-boy-well directly Sometimes I answer things honestly some times I don't, computer users be ware I could be on line in mask-so to answer you, no I've never tried the stuff-you can chose the question

Karen :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:55M EST (-0550 GMT) Hey Ashley - is Joel gonna be on tour with you next weekend? (May 31-June 2nd) or can me and Yvette kidnap him and take him to the Atlantic Canada Festival in T.O.? :)

Ashley MacIsaac :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:57M EST (-0550 GMT) Joel meets me on the fifth of June I think so you can have my blessing on the kiddnapping

Susan Self :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:57M EST (-0550 GMT) Ashley, I haven't head about any schedule for Ashley and band to tour the U.S. If "Hi, How Are You Today" is released in the U.S. at the end of June, would the U.S. tour start in July? It would be nice to know in advance so that we can plan our summer vacations so as not to conflict. Also, are any videos going to be on MTV or other video music channels? When might someone be able to see them in the U.S. for sure?

Ashley MacIsaac :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:58M EST (-0550 GMT) In the U.S. I'll be there during July,and maybe August as well-July with the Chieftains,August I'm not sure.

John Hobs :. . . . Tue, May 21, 7:58M EST (-0550 GMT) Last Labour Day you were performing in Sarnia for Festival By The Bay, an even that was sold out weeks in advance. On the day of your performance, you had the opportunity to perform at the Kumbaya Festival. I was stage managing for the sponsor of the event and was very impressed by your professionalism. You, no doubt, would've preferred to be at Kumbaya, instead you gave an incredible performance for a small but appreciative audience. Do you intend to be at this year's Kumbaya?

Ashley MacIsaac :. . . . Tue, May 21, 8:00M EST (-0550 GMT) I don't no about the dates for Kumbya yet but they're likely conflicting-so to most accurate,probably no.

Greg B. . . . Tue, May 21, 8:00M EST (-0550 GMT) Maybe you've alreay recieved this message, I have sent this by eMail before: Hi Ashley, just a few questions I'd like to ask you... How did you get started in the entertainment buisiness? What are you're future plans? Are the any regrets you have about going into the entertainment buisiness? Would you consider yourself a role model for other young musicians? Do you have any advice for new musicians?

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:06PM . . . [301 ] I might have recieved your e-mail before,seems familiar but I'm not sure.So I know I never answered you;so I could be some kind of role modle,I've taken something obscure and had some success,but I don't consiously make "ROLE" efforts Accept about the fact that I don't drink and I think that can be quite helpful as advice-got nothing against it,well really,tons,but to each his onw.I'm sure I'd love being an alcoholic sometimes-but don't take that as advice-keep-playing

Christian: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:06PM EST (-0500 GMT). . . [299 ] Ashley: I have to do an art presentation on you next week for my music class. Can you tell me something I should say about you?

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:09PM . . . [301 ] I don't know the basis of your project-in artistic sense,and regurlarly I'd try and tell you the most fitting thing you need-So why don't you say that-Ashley Mac Isaac-He'll give you what you need

Sue: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:09PM . . . [301 ] ashley hi my name is sue.i met u march 25 whenyou were opening for melissa etheridge and i gave you a necklace.you have one half and i have the other.nut i never saw you wearing it today on muchmusic.Care to explain???????:)

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:11PM . . . [301 ] Well dear thank-you graciously,I love everything I get,But who knows where it is,I'm sure its somewhere-when I have it,I am sure I will accessorize my whole outfit around it

timwit: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:12PM . . . [301 ] What size feet do you have?

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:13PM . . . [301 ] Last week an article in Halifax said I had size eleven's-they're actually 9's but if you'd perfer,I could sell my soles????

Danica and Tania : . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:13PM EST (-0500 GMT). . . [299 ] We saw you aon the Chedoke McMaster children's days telethon and you seemed to really enjoy being around children. Do you plan on having children later on in your life? (teach them how to stepdance!)

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:17PM . . . [338 ] I enjoy making people happy-kids just happened to be freeing minded anyway so of course they wiser to be around than most adults.However I think I'm quite a kid myself so I wouldn't at this point be looking for total adult responsibilitie

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:18PM . . . [342 ] of parent-hood-Maybe I'll learn and eventually make it part of my reality

rover : . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:18PM EST (-0500 GMT). . . [343 ] OK Ashley , lets take a break from all the in-depth music questions that you are being flooded with at the moment and tell me what exactly you and your fellows like to rock out to in your sparse but ever so free spare time?

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:21PM . . . [365 ] Well I don't know where all the music questions are,I was taking about kids-so continuing,in my spare time(and my fellas,)wy act alot like kids-watching t.v. playing games-lying to each other-then fixing things up over a Bert and Ernie bath!!@@@!!

Jennifer Parker : . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:21PM EST (-0500 GMT). . . [367 ] Ashley are you typing yourself or is someone typing for you?

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:22PM . . . [370 ] Well have you noticed the mistakes-of corsa itsa mea

Jennifer Parker : . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:22PM EST (-0500 GMT). . . [372 ] Ashley is wayne there?

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:23PM . . . [382 ] Yes Wayne is here eating pizza(slacking off!!!-so is Shawn Marino!!-A and M -publicity guy

Gary : . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:23PM EST (-0500 GMT). . . [386 ] Ashley, you're sort of the "fiddler on the net." How long have you been playing?

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:26PM . . . [403 ] Well I'm actually on the roof of a building-so I'm the fiddler on the roof-net -bad joke not even a joke just something to say-I've played for 11 years-Hi-Bye I hope people aren't waiting for me to answer and I haven't got there yet

anonymous: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:26PM EST (-0500 GMT). . . [405 ] Are you still living at home with your parents (the white and blue house in Creignish) or have you built a new one yet?

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:29PM . . . [433 ] I don't live in one particular place-but my stuff is still at my parent's house,yes.Okay I'm getting close to end,I'm going to go pick 2 more questions from this list of hits-Then I'll be leaving space-and as introd-I'll be back!!%&54

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:35PM . . . [467 ] Okay,winnipeg f.f-no.2.No new collabs with musicians(except gordie johnson tonight in 20 min.3.California in summer-was in C.B. last week,brothers wedding,Played with Brenda S.in Judique-great time-MacKeel played Billy-Joes-Awesome!

Ashley MacIsaac: . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:38PM . . . [482 ] Well goodbye for now-I off to eat ,meet Gordie(its his birthday today)and get ready for Paris-Thanks for Questions and interest-Thanks to Canoe-John Sakamoto and Francois Harbec(computer whizs making this happen)andbye-Karen&Evette(Jen2)

webmaster : . . . . Tue, May 21, 8:41PM EST (-0500 GMT). . . [487 ] Thanks for joining us. Check out Jam in a few minutes for a full transcript of the chat session.

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