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Wednesday, August 9, 2000

Steve Harris (of Iron Maiden)
Chat transcript

Founding Iron Maiden bassist/member Steve Harris joined JAM! Music on Wednesday August 9, 2000 for a live chat. Here is what he had to say:
Christopher Jones: What is your all time fav Iron Maiden song

Steve Harris: Hallowed Be Thy Name. Because it has stood the test of time.

Jim: why bass? why not guitar?

Steve Harris: Four strings are easier. (Laugh). I started playing when I was 17. I wanted to play drums and the next best thing was playing along with the drums. I would never have been as good as Nicko anyway.

kiers: steve!. will there be more uk dates?. and will queenryche and halford be on uk leg?.

Steve Harris: At the moment, I have no idea who is playing on the U.K. dates. I would like the Cult to tour with us. That would be cool but we haven't made a decision yet.

Fabio: Do you heard Silicon Messiah Blaze Bayley's new cd? Do You liked? What is your opinion about the cd?

Steve Harris: Yeah! I really like it! I think it's a really good album. There is only one song that I don't like and I am not saying which one that is. (Laugh)

Hook Sinew: How do you handle working with three guitarists?

Steve Harris: It is great. It is very powerful. They are all great guys to work with.

Maiden Rulez: Madison Square Garden was amazing, will you guys play there again anytime soon?, because its hard booking concert there I heard.

Steve Harris: I don't think we will be playing there for a couple of years.

Perry Hunchak: If Iron Maiden were to stop producing new albums could you ever see yourself touring with just your greatest hits similar to the current KISS tour.

Steve Harris: No! (Laughs). We'd stop touring and that would be it.

Craig: Did you enjoy the 'live' environment of recording the awesome 'BNW'... will you do this again?

Steve Harris: Yes, it was fun. We've always tired to capture the live thing in the studio and I think this time we did just that.

Brangien: HELL'O' Steve!!! I am amazed by Your new album (as usual...). I would like to know something about the inspirations for the texts of these songs?

Steve Harris: The inspiration comes from many influences. It could come from travelling on the road. It could be things I have read in the news. That's a very difficult question to answer.

derek from thunder bay: Hey Steve,my question to you is on the past five or six maiden albums in your list of thanks you thank Andy Curran.Is this the Coney Hatch bass guy? Just wondering.How far back do you two go..thanks

Steve Harris: Yes. It is! It goes back to when they toured with us in the States. I played tennis with him last week. To be fair to him, he hadn't played in awhile.

Jočo Paulo Brazil Alchemist Nomad: Hi Steve! Great Album! Congratulations! What do you plan to do after the tour? When do you plan to get back to the studio and record brand songs?

Steve Harris: After the tour we are going to have a much needed rest and then we will be right back in the studio working on another album.

prox: what will be the next single?

Steve Harris: I think it will be in October. But, which one it is, I can't say. We are still deciding. Your guess is as good as mine.

Adrien Begrand: Your June 3 shown at the Dynamo festival in Nijmegen, Holland surfaced a couple weeks later in mp3 form on Napster. For Maiden fans worldwide, this was a terrific opportunity to download a live Maiden show for free. Do you see the recent exchanging of live bootlegs in mp3 form as an anathema or a great way to promote Maiden's terrific new live show?

Steve Harris: Well, it is very difficult for me to say one way or the other. I don't argue with it personally because I have always collected bootlegs myself. If I were to put Napster down, it would be hypocritical.

DocRoom: Hi Steve! Are you going to release a live CD and a DVD next year?

Steve Harris: Probably, yeah! We aren't filming any shows yet but we are talking about it.

The Navigator: Steve, now that you and your band mates are getting *ahem* ...older. Do you find such long tour schedules more grueling than you have in the past. And if so, is there anything you do to mentally and physically to prepare yourself?

Steve Harris: If, I am honest, yeah. Yes, we still keep ourselves fit playing tennis, running and playing soccer. I put myself on a serious running regiment well before the tour ever began. We keep ourselves in good shape.


Steve Harris: First, it wasn't quite like that. We are still friends and chat on the phone quite often. I think he will be coming to the Birmingham show to see how we are doing.

Paola G.: When will you produce your greatest hits?

Steve Harris: There are plans for that at the moment.

Michal Drzewiecki: R. Halford had once claimed that everything in Metal had already been said. What do you think about it? What is your opinion about the current Metal scene?

Steve Harris: Well if I thought that, I would have given up already.

Prowler: What song of the new album seems to receive to greatest reactions of the public during this tour?

Steve Harris: Probably WickerMan because it is the opening song.

Mike: How long will Maiden be touring?

Steve Harris: The tour finishes mid-November. Then, we got SOuth America, Japan, Britain and we plan on making good on our South America dates we had to cancel due to Yannick's injury.

Bloodengore: Any chance of re-releasing all the old albums on vinyl, they are so hard to find...

Steve Harris: I doubt it very much but you never know.

Adrian: Hey...what do you think has been the real reason why Iron Maiden has been so successful? Does it surprise you the success you've had over the years?

Steve Harris: Yeah, maybe it does surprise me. But, if I knew the answer to that one, I would bottle it and sell it.

guitarman107@canoe.com: I am 34 yrs old and have been a fan of yours for over 15 yrs. It still amazes me that our right hand moves so fast!! How do you do it without hurting your muscles? I play lead guitar & find my arm gets when I play the bass.

Steve Harris: I don't know. I have never really had a problem like that. I just pick up the bass and play.

Mike: After Bruce left the band, how did the band's writing style change and how did it change upon his return?

Steve Harris: I don't think it changed a great deal, really. We just carried on writing songs like we always do.

brian94761: Do you have any regrets about your career in maiden

Steve Harris: No, I wouldn't change anything. I think it is all a part of where we are now. You have to take the rough with the smooth always.

MadLurch: Hello Steve... I have a question about the art work on the covers. How much input do you guys have or is it mostly the artist? Where did Eddy come from ( whose idea )? And also... What dose that little symbol on the art work mean???

Steve Harris: Yeah, we have a lot of input. Mostly it is taken from the lyrics. We direct people to what we want. The little symbol is something that Derick Rigss dreamt up. I don't know what it means and I don't think Derick does either. Eddie came from a Kabuki mask we used to have on stage. We called it "Eddie The Head"...though we don't pronounce the "H"...so it became "Eddie".

brian: Who is your biggest influence ever

Steve Harris: I don't know. I mean really, I am influenced by many people not one in particular.

Rob Cattle: Where has been the best gig of the tour so far?

Steve Harris: The best audience was probably San Sabestien in Spain.

SQUARTATO: Hy Steve! Will you ever do a MAIDEN-Orchestra (in Jhon Lord's style)?

Steve Harris: It's possible. Many of the songs we've done over the years lend to that kind of thing so it is a distinct possibility.

prox: Where do you rank BNW between all Maiden albums?

Steve Harris: I'd say about in the top three or four. My favorite ones are 7th Son, X-Factor and Brave New World...though not neccesarily in that order.

Wrathchild-Brazil: What you think about bootlegs?

Steve Harris: Well, I still collect them..not as avidly as I used to so I think they are great. I don't know how many I own. There's loads and loads.

demon: what do u do in your spare time

Steve Harris: Soccer. I like photography and most sports. I like watching old movies. The last few movies I really got a kick out of were Sleepy Hollow and the Ninth Gate.

Steve Harris: To the fans, thanks very much for your support over the years.

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Iron Maiden's bassist Steve Harris

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