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Thursday, August 3, 2000

Rob Halford chat transcript

Andy Mitchum: hey there ROB how goes it....? Just want to know how you hooked up with producer Roy Z. and Bruce Dickinson (Iron Maiden) to work with you on the new disc?

Rob Halford: Ok, Actually Roy Z was...I have a lot of people in the business that are friends and Roy Z came highly recommended from my friends and I had a lunch with him in the spring of 98. Roy just said all the things I wanted to hear as a musician and that's exactly how things worked out. I just felt instinctively he was the best guy for the job to make a record with.

Stephanie: How well are you hoping this record will do for you? Or do sales not matter? Just curious, seeing as you have been in the music business for so long

Rob Halford: Yes, sales do matter. Sales represent the interest level of the fans - that's the important thing. Although, it's out of your hands to a great extent. All you do is make your best possible record and give everbody the information you can about the release of the record. And then its just a case of wait and see. But I feel very confident that the metal fans will support this record because I just feel it's my best metal record since my PainKiller release.

Xciter: What's your favourite Resurrection's song?

Rob Halford: Um... The opening track, it says a lot for me, musically, lyrically, vocally.

Adam (Burlington): how did you react to all the harsh criticism about the TWO record?

Rob Halford: Well, you have to be prepared to accept all forms of comment and critique. I still stand by the record. I feel it was an experiment from my perspective. It was enjoyable.

Carl: rob: did you ever think you'd be doing heavy metal again like this after you lefte Priest?

Rob Halford: Yes, I always felt that this would be the place where I would maintain a career in rock and roll. That's because it's everything I represent. It's part of the metal community. And I always feel I do my best work in this style of music.

Dean Pinnt: Rob: So many bands have been influenced by you and Judas Priest.What bands or type of music influenced you in your younger years?

Rob Halford: In my younger years there were no other heavy metal bands to look at apart from Black Sabbath and they were a major influence for me. When I was a teenager growing up, there was absolutely no hard or heavy rock around me. So it makes me feel good that I'm part of the heritage of metal music. Because metal music game from the U.K. starting with Black Sabbath and Judas Priest and then moving into the new wave of heavy metal into great bands like Iron Maiden and so on.

Jay Skryp: Dear Rob- How much new material will you be playing in concert and will any Judas Priest material be included on this tour?

Rob Halford: Yes, I'm mixing up the set list night after night. It's a combination of the new music and some Priest classics that have never been heard before, that's to say that we've been rehearsing songs that were played live in concert or that were played many many years ago and so we're surprising people from show to show and we're also playing tunes from the band Fight.

Gord Jensen: Is there any chance of a Judas Priest "reunion tour" ?

Rob Halford: As far as the Judas Priest issue is concerned, the good news is that my relationship with them is way better than it ever was before. We're hanging out when we can in England, talking on the phone. There's never been any discussion about a reunion because we're still rebuilding the friendship.

Nick: what is your favorite Judas Priest moment? worst?

Rob Halford: my all time favourite moment was when I made the first ever Judas Priest album and I think my worst moment was when I fell off my bike in Toronto.

NEIL: Do you talk to any of the FIGHT guys still? Do you live in Arizona still?

Rob Halford: Yeah,, I'm still good friends with them. I'm spending more time in San Diego California these days. Split my time up between England, San Diego and my place in Amsterdam.

Torab Majlesi: What are the plans for touring this year?

Rob Halford: I'm going to be out on the road until the end of this year. After Canada we go into America until the end of September and then we go to Mexico and South America and then we go and do some dates in Europe and then potentially we're going to come back and do some more shows in the states. Then, possibly in the spring of next year, we'll be going over to places like Japan, Australia, New Zealand and some of the countries out in the far east.

Paul DeBellis: What are you doing this tour to keep your voice in shape?

Rob Halford: All the wrong things! Staying up late, drinking too much coffee. There's no magic potions, no lotions, no incantations. The voice of the metal god is indestructable (laughs).

Patrick Bennett: Good to see you alive and kicking Rob!My question is do you think the fans will react in a negitive manner regarding you being "out"? I hope the audience as a whole can look past it as you are the greatest vocalist (with Dickinson )in metal history!!!

Rob Halford: Patrick you've answered the question for yourself! I feel great and comfortable with my life outside of music. I knew the metal fans would be human enough and intelligent enough to understand that's just one small part of my life. And..I want to say a big hello to all the gay metal heads!

doug: are there any metal bands you'd like to tour with after maiden?

Rob Halford: There are so many possibilities and opportunities. At the moment there's a rumour that we hope to qualify by the end of September ...I can't say who it is yet!

Pierre Begin: What's your favorites song of all Judas Priest albums?

Rob Halford: Well, there are many but my one all time favourite is from the Wings of Destiny album.

William: Any plans for a video?

Rob Halford: Yes, as soon as we can find the time and the money!!!! We'll make a video. The good thing about videos is it gives the metal heads a chance to see the band, kind of immediatly and instantly instead of having to wait for us to come and jam in your town.

Johnny Harrelson: What makes Bobby J. the best metal drummer you've ever heard & what do you as a bandleader look for in a metal drummer?

Rob Halford: He's just a very articulate, tasteful, classy, powerful, heavy metal drummer and he totally understands what the songs need from the drums. And he plays in his bare feet. He was walking around on the ice at the Air Canada Centre last night. I think he's a frustrated Maple Leafs player.

Rusty P.: A friend and I have been wondering for many years, what exactly is a "Green Manalishi"? Thanx!

Rob Halford: It comes out of Hinduism, and Indian religious belief. Basically, it's the far east version of the almighty prince of darkness - my old friend and good buddy SATAN (joke!)

Michel: What are your thought/comments on the recent news on Napster and other MP3 file-exchange web-based services ???

Rob Halford: I think Napster has been unfairly beaten up. I love everything about the internet. I take a laptop with me wherever I go around the world. I'm on the internet everyday. And I think that Napster just provides a sharing situation for people to swap music. Regarding the money issue, I think that's still a grey area that needs to be sorted out.

Michel: If you had one wish to accomplish, in regards to your musical-career, what would it be ???

Rob Halford: That's a really cool question. I just feel that there's still so much more to do. And I still feel my greatest metal music is still yet to come. And I'm always searching for the next great metal moment. My love and passion for metal seems to increase the longer I live.

Judas: Rob, I know you are very critical of yourself. But tell me, what is your best vocal performance for you? (One from the new album and one from Priest)?

Rob Halford: I feel that one of my best vocal performances is in the track "Silent Screams" it was the first song that we wrote. And I was so excited by the results that I posted it unto the internet immediatly so everybody could download it and enjoy it.

Paul Wentworth: Rob: I saw Judas Priest in 1986 in Ottawa. I was amazed by the volume of the concert! I just wondered if you have suffered any hearing loss like Jeff Beck, Pete Townsend and others?

Rob Halford: No, the metal god's hearing is indestructable like his voice!

rob from jersey: rob will you be coming out on your harley and how long will your set be

Rob Halford: I'm saving the Harley for the future...I feel that the Harley is an exclusive moment that's always best with the mighty Judas Priest. The set varies, sometimes when I go out I only play for about 35 minutes which is really frustrating cause I wanna play all night. However I'm extremely grateful to my mates in Iron Maiden who are giving me the opportunity to go around the world with them and show off the new Halford band and the great new music from Resurrection.

Bruce: The image in the Painkiller album, the devil's tuning fork, what exactly does that mean?

Rob Halford: It's a symbol, a recognizable symbol. I think when people look at that, they immediately think of Judas Priest. But I think it's a little more than that. It's a symbol for the metal community, for metal music. If you look at the art work on the "Wings of Destiny" cover, you'll see that same symbol around the neck of the fallen angel in hell.

Gordon aka Immortal Sin: How did it feel when you took the stage for the first time with your new band at the Mason Jar Gig

Rob Halford: I felt ecstatic and was excited to be back playing heavy metal music for all of my heavy metal fans.

Steve: How long do you play on tour, unfortunately being the opening act, and any plans for a live cd?

Rob Halford: I'm sure that in the not too distant future...there will be a live CD in the meantime, I know all you internet fans will be searching and surfing for live bootlegs which will be taking place as we go across the world. So have fun with it!

Rob Halford: I'd like to say thank-you to everybody for logging into CANOE and to stay in touch with me through my own website robhalford.com where the metal fans can have live chats with one another from around the world 24 hours a day. Not only to talk about me but to talk about all the great music in metal. Remember that I go live into my website!

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