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Monday December 5, 2000

Everclear chat transcript

Everclear chatted with Canoë on Tuesday December 5th about their new disc "Songs From An American Movie Vol. Two: Good Time For a Bad Attitude," fans and touring. Read the transcript:

Modérateur: Bonjour et bienvenuer ce chat avec Everclear. Les membres du groupe sont dans nos bureaux de Montral et sont prts rpondre vos question. Hi and welcome to this chat with Everclear. The band members are in our Montreal offices and are awaiting your questions.

Matt: Will you guys come out with a 6th CD? If so, is it going to be hits CD, or a real CD?

Everclear Art: There will be a sixth and a seventh cd, we just have a lot of touring to do in support of the last 2 cds. But I don't think that we're ready to do a greatest hits yet, we still have a lot more hits to write.

Maxime: Quelle est la chanson dont vous etes le plus "fier" d'avoir cris?

Everclear Art: LIl y a deux chansons qui me rendent fier. Summerland sur SParkle and Fade qui est aussi la chanson prfre de beacuoup de gens et aussi Song from an American movie sur le dernier album que j'ai trs hte de jouer en concert.

Stewart Fox: Hi guys, I went to your London Astoria Gig in October (which kicked ass) and you mentioned that you would be back in the UK next year. Do you have any dates sorted out? THANX!!!

Everclear Craig: We don't have dates sorted out yet but we're planning to be there late next spring. May/June.

Jamie: What has motivated you to keep writing and performing songs all these years?

Everclear Art: This is what we do. I write songs and Everclear do music. That's what we do.

Leslie from Burbank, Illinois: Your show in Chicago was EXCELLENT! Are you coming back to Chicago in 2001? PLEASE!!!!!

Everclear Yes. Sometime in march or april you should expect us back. We love Chicago.

carrie :): on modern rock live (back in july) you mentioned a "cover" album... were you just kidding or are you guys actually contemplating that?

Everclear Craig: Someday we will put it out. We already have some tunes. Right now we're busy touring but we'll put it out.

Gary P.: What musicians have influenced you? I heard you guys are big Springsteen fans...

Everclear Art: Yeah, I'm a really big Springsteen fan but I like a lot of different types of music. Craig: I also like Cheap trick, Black Sabbath, Pink Floyd and Soundgarden. Greg: I grew up in England so I like a lot of English Music like the Jams, Enghlish Beat, those were my main influences.

Nathalie de Qubec: Qu'est-ce qui joue en ce moment dans votre lecteur de CD?

Everclear Art: J'coute Sweet baby James de James Taylor. Craig: J'coute Mayfield Four, un album qui paratra l'an prochain. Greg: J'ai le nouvel album de Nelly et aussi le nouveau double de Bob Dylan. J'coute galement le nouveau double de Tom Petty.

Anonymous: Your song Wonderful is fantastic...I am 38 years old and went thru the whole experience of your song from age 10 to about 16 and it was horrible. This song has touched me and brought back so many feelings I never realized I still had and has helped me immensely... Have you had similar responses from people who hear this song and did any of you go thru this experience too?

Everclear AArt: We've had more positive response from this song more than any other song that we've put out. It seems like this song has connected with a lot of different people both children of divorce, parents with children going through a divorce or just people who know people close to them wo have gone through a similar situation. I was a child of divorce as was my ex-wife and as was many of my friends so while this song is from a child's perspective, it's the kind of story that connects with that hurt kid that's inside all of us.

Francis: Outre Pearl Jam, vous tes l'un des seuls groupes avoir survcu la mort du grunge, comment expliquez-vous cette survie?

Everclear Craig: On ne fait que la musique que l'on aime est nous sommes reconnaissants que les gens l'aiment aussi. Il n'y a pas de grand plan derrire tout a, on fait simplement ce qu'on aime.

Chris: If you had to leave show business, what would you guys become?

Everclear Art: If I wasn't a musician on stage and making records, I would like to be on the other side of the fence working for a record label or as a producer helping to discover, develop and introduce new talent. Greg: I don't know what I'd be doing, this is the only thing that I'm really good at. Craig: I'd be a rodeo clown!

carrie :): craig - are you still cigarette free? how's that going? good luck with it. we're all proud of you.

Everclear Craig: Yeah, I'm cigarette-free. This is day #4.

CHOI 98 UN R@DIO X: You seem to rarely have good critics for your albums (ex: Rolling Stone magazine), even for the excellent 'Songs from an american movie" records. We want to know if it bother you, or if the opinion of your fans only are important for you. Also, we want to know how you liked (or disliked) Musique Plus VJ, Mike Gauthier, yesterday ??

Everclear Art: Actually, the last review we received in Rolling Stone which is between good and excellent so it was a pretty good reviews. We haven't had any bad reviews that we have seen on the second album. As far as the critics think of us, it never really mattered to us. But then again, though we appreciate that our fans care about our music, ultimately, we make our music for us. By the way, we had a good time with Mike Gauthier.

Paul Becker Lewes DE: Hey guys, whats the next single going to be off of Learning how to Smile?? Please go with Now that it's over!!!

Everclear Art: We don't know yet but it won't be Now that it's over. We haven't made a decision yet.

Sbastien St-Pierre: Je me demandais, comment vous tes vous rencontrez?

Everclear Craig: On s'est rencontr par le biais d'une annonce dans un magazine de musique de Portland qui n'existe plus aujourd'hui.

ever_a_fan: looking ahead to the future, what's in store for you guys after touring for GTFBA? working on another album together? by the way, i really love both albums this year. thanks!

Everclear Art: After touring for both these records, we're gonna take a well deserved break where I'm gonna pursue a career in musicals singing show tunes. Craig's gonna realize his dream of becoming a rodeo clown and Greg is going to surge to the forefront of the ever growing ukelele domination movement. Then, we will come out with at least one more, if not many more records.

Stef: Quel est le cadeau le plus bizarre que vous avez recu en tourne?

Everclear Greg: Quelqu'un nous avait tricott une couverture pour chacun de nous avec nos noms dessus. J'ai encore la mienne sur mon divan.

Maxime: Is there a gig planned in Montreal soon?

Everclear Art: We gonna kick-off our world tour with our 1st official date on february 2nd here in Montreal at Metropolis with Knickleback and Vulcanic. All the canadian dates are posted on the Canoe website and on www.everclearonline.com

melanie g: How did you guys enjoyed montreal last night? Did you go straight to your hotel after the music plus performance?

Everclear Art: Greg and I stayed at the hotel and Craig went out with our crew to raise hell in beautiful Montreal.

Hawk: Will you guys be coming out with any live albums in the future

Everclear Art: Maybe way, way in the future. There's no plans for it now.

Maxime: Est-ce que vous jouez encore les chansons "the twist inside" et "fire maple song" en spectacle?

Everclear Art: Tout fait! Nous les jouons encore.

Julie Ct: Votre avant-dernier album tait plus pop, pourquoi? Vouliez-vous avoir plus de temps d'antenne la radio?

Everclear Art: C'est plus pop parce que a resemble des groupes avec lesquels j'ai grandi comme les Beatles, les Beach Boys et le son soul de Motown. Nous n'avons jamais sorti d'album pour jouer la radio. Si l'on avait voulu avoir plus de temps d'antenne, on auraut sorti un disque plus lourd parce que c'est ce qui a la cote actuellement.

Tanya: Well, I don't speak french, but I can't pass on the opportunity to chat with my favorite band. First off- you guys rock. Don't ever change. Secondly- looking forward to your show in Winnipeg Feb.9/01. I met my now husband at the last show you played in Winnipeg June 10/96. He stage dived, kicked me in the head and Santa Monica has been our song since.....Anyway... I would like to know- If it all ended tomorrow- the band, the music, whathaveyou- what is the one greatest Everclear memory you would have? Take care boys- see ya soon!!!

Everclear Art: Hi, I remember meeting at the very last time we were in Winnipeg with Our Lady Peace and you told me that story. If it all ended tomorrow, I think my greatest memory of Everclear would be the time we played in front of 63,000 people and everyone was singing the lyrics to our song Santa Monica. Greg: I would say the same show because this was in Washington D.C. where I went to high school. Craig: For me, it has to be the show we recently played in London at the Astoria.

Modérateur: C'est dj tout le temps dont nous disposons. Merci aux membres d'Everclear d'avoir particip ce chat et nous vous souhaitons bonne chance lors de la tourne mondiale. This is all the time we have for this chat. Thank you to the members of Everclear for being here. We wish you all the best with the upcoming world tour.

Everclear Greg: Thanks for sending so many questions. We'll see you out on the road over the next year and a half.

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