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Thursday, July 6, 2000

Edwin's official site

Enter to win an autographed poster of Edwin

Edwin chat transcript

Kimberly: E: If it's possible to wear out a CD, I think I've done it listening to yours! I was absolutely blown away by Another Spin... Awesome!!! Hope to see you on tour again soon. (Missed you the first time in Halifax - come back soon!) I was wondering what influences you when it comes to writing? You have such a diverse mix as those songs on Another Spin...?

Edwin: What influences me?... My manager standing over me with a big stick. I really can't answer that other than my daily life experiences and almost every style of music I hear goes into my subconscious and comes out in my writing.

Robyn: What musical direction are you heading for the next album and what will it sound like?

Edwin: I have been giving that a lot of thought lately. I would have to say it would have to be very rhythm oriented. I love the hypnotizing effect of strong rhythms.

Sandy -- Sudbury: I heard you did ALL the stunts in your video "Alive", is this true???

Edwin: I wish! No, I did most of them though. The ones I didn't do were: jumping out of a plane with a snowboard on my feet. I didn't jump backwards off the cliff either and some of the snowboarding shots aren't me either. My favourite was 1. swimming with the dolphins and jumping out of the airplane.

Rachael Dorlas: Hi Edwin, I was just wondering if going solo gave you more opportunities to go different ways musically then when you were in a band? thanxs so much!

Edwin: The answer is yes. I can basically go any direction my little heart desires musically and that is a great feeling. I may experiment in slightly left or right of centre. But its nice to know whatever you're inspired by...you can just follow through with and there's no one to hinder your creativity until its finished.

AB: If the circumstances were right, would you ever play a show or benefit with IME? Maybe one song live with the old band?

Edwin: I wouldn't necessarily have such a big problem with that. You'd have to ask them the same question.

Joselyn Grant: I am inspired by your song 'Alive', to me it's a Celebration of Life kind of song. Your voice and lyrics soar through me with positive energy and bring a smile to my face. I just wanted to know what your passion in life is and what/who are your influences?

Edwin: One of my passions in life are getting reactions from fans like that one. There's no greater feeling to me than being able to move somebody emotionally with your music. That's my secret passion. Other things that matter - family, friends, and fast cars! very fast...I like cars.

anilisa: Edwin - I was wondering if you felt yourself to be at any disadvantage in the music industry simply because you're a Canadian artist?

Edwin: Well, I wouldn't know cause I've always been a Canadian artist and its done very well for me so the answer is no.

Whaddaya: What's your personal favourite song on your CD?

Edwin: I don't know. I guess the answer is I love all my children equally. It depends on the mood.

Devious Dolphin.: Really looking forward to you returning to Vancouver in Sept. I have noticed your tour dates are very sporadic, is that due to work on your next cd?

Edwin: Well devious, yes it is due to the work I've been writing for the next CD, I'm trying to build my repertoire. And only recently, I've felt it was time to return to Vancouver cause I played there in the spring.

Whaddaya: Do you feel that being a sex symbol overshadows your talent as a musician?

Edwin: Ideally we try to have a perfect balance between the two. However, if being a sex symbol distracts people from the music, then I do get quite annoyed. If the way I look is focused on as opposed to my music it gets to me. I didn't get into this business to look good, I got into it to make music.

Vanessa: I know that Alex Lifeson of Rush is greatly respected by Edwin. I was wondering if he had an impact on going solo after doing that solo project with him?

Edwin: He had no direct impact on me going solo. It was a matter of, after I worked with him, I realised how much fun it could be to make records and only then did my confidence surge and really there were many other factors that played a role in why I went solo.

GS_UP_HOS_DOWN: Do you ever have regrets about leaving I Mother Earth, or something brings back memories of your old band members while your on tour??

Edwin: Its pretty hard to tour Canada without having memories of being in I Mother Earth. I do miss them but being in that band when we were younger... I had a great time but I have no regrets as to my present situation.

debbie: Will there be anymore singles released from "Spin.."

Edwin: Well, I was just talking to the president of Sony Canada and its very possible, there will be at least one more..."Rush".

debbie: Who would you like to collaborate with?

Edwin: Britney Spears and Christina Aguilera (laughs)....

Dana : What's your favourite concert memory?

Edwin: There's so many. Too many to choose from however there's no better feeling than having a huge audience sing your music along with you.

Blue Drew: Are there still anymore dreams that haven't fulfilled, personally or professionally?

Edwin: Always. I believe that if you achieve one dream, it should only open the door to the next one. Otherwise, what's the point in living?

Ashley: Any special lady in your life?

Edwin: There was up until recently but not presently.

Sheri-Victoria: If you could tour with any one band or solo artist, who would be your "dream" tour?

Edwin: I'd love to tour with U2 or Radiohead. Those are my first two choices.

Sean/Hamilton Ont.: At the risk of sounding "shallow", I was wondering what your favorite reward has been to yourself- that your success has brought to you? i.e.: a Porche, an Airplane or, a house etc... -As an aside, think jumping out of a plane is cool- try flying one! It's simply the greatest!!

Edwin: Well, basically paying the rent! As far as material possessions, yeah, its nice to have a couple bucks in my pocket but really the important reward is being able to make music and not having to work 9-5

JACKIE K.: Hey Edwin!! Do you have people suddenly wanting to be your friend and can you tell the difference between who's sincere and who isn't?? btw Katy from B/C says hi and she's trying to log in.

Edwin: No I don't necessarily have people wanting to be my friend and I have a very good judge of character so I can usually see through those things if they happen. I can tell when people aren't real.

Ashley: Is it hard not having any privacy, do you ever wish you could just get away from it all?

Edwin: It's not that bad. If I wanna just get away from it all I just cross the border and nobody knows who I am.

Andrew from Phoenix: Why was the cover to the US cd changed? And more importantly, when will you begin to tour the US to support the album?


Edwin: Somebody is informed! It was changed because I really wanted to change the cover (laughs). As it stands, I won't tour [the U.S.] until probably early next year.

Kristin: What CD(s) are in your CD player right now?

Edwin: That's a good question. The latest Rage Against The Machine, demos I've been working on and Santana's "Supernatural"

Tracy Masson: Hi Edwin! Your album is a great inspiration to me as a singer/songwriter. I hope to be able to inspire others with my songs someday. When you write, do you carry a notepad and jot things down for ideas, or do you just sit down, think, and write?

Edwin: I do both and basically I like to sit on a patio of a coffee shop and watch people and write my thoughts and a lot of times those become lyrics.

Leah: Did you become friends with J. Englishman on your tour together?

Edwin: We were friends before the tour.

Blue Drew: IF you could do a duet with a solo female artist who would it be and why?

Edwin: Oh geez, Aretha Franklin...because I love her voice she's one of the true divas.

Ashley: How would you best describe your personality?

Edwin: Passive aggressive....I don't know what else I'd say about that.

binky: What is the craziest thing a fan has done to meet you?

Edwin: Waited outside of a coffee shop in a remote town that I occasionally visit cause they knew I sometimes went there for coffee. They waited for days and days.

debbie: Is there something in particular you'd like your fans to know about you?

Edwin: If you're polite with me, I'll be polite with them...always.

Kristin: Hi Edwin, Do prefer playing big venues or the smaller, more intimate gigs?

Edwin: Well, small intimate gigs are nice because you do get to feel like you're with the people you're playing for. The big venues are probably preferred because if you go out there and kick ass in front of 30 thousand people...that's a pretty great feeling.

samantha: edwin i heard a rumor that you were shot. and after that happened you decided to live life to the extreme like in the video alive. is this true and is that what the song's about? hope to see your show soon

Edwin: Yes, I got shot and I was paranoid and I hid a lot after and then, when I got tired of that, I decided to live life to the fullest.

Goddess Megan: Hey Edwin! You rock! I love you! I was just wondering why you don't have more All Age gigs? I mean, your my fave and I didn't get to see you when you played at Reds...! So yeah......another thing is.....What is your last name??!?!!! Love you ~Megan

Edwin: The answer to that is that I would love to have more all ages gigs. Unfortunately people who promote all-ages shows don't make as much money from shows where alcohol is sold. So for me to put on a tour, its harder to put on a tour with all ages shows. Last name? - Win

Robyn: What was it like opening for The Tea Party last November and did you enjoy it?

Edwin: I really like The Tea Party and I like the fellas in the band. We had a good time on tour but a lot of the venues were older theatres and its pretty hard to play for an audience that sits down for half of the show. But other than that...we had a great time.

Chris S : I love your album man and listen to it all the time! I was wondering, was the song "and you" written about your relationships with the other members of I Mother Earth ? Thanks!

Edwin: ha ha ha ha....is it that obvious?

Sheri-Victoria: Have you always had such an awesome outlook on life? or has your success helped put your permanent (and yes gorgeous) smile on your face?

Edwin: I didn't know I had a permanent smile..I've got to get that removed. Here's the answer: We all have good days and bad days. When I'm going to put my music out, I don't see the point in bitching about life, I'd rather see the good things about it. I just want to say how much I appreciate my fans, how overjoyed I am that they like the music I make and I enjoy meeting them so hopefully on tour I get a chance to meet many of them.

Edwin's official site

Enter to win an autographed poster of Edwin

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