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Tuesday, June 20, 2000

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Duran Duran Chat

TigerBaby27: The video for Someone Else Not Me is very innovative, but what made you decide to shy away from the love story of the song?

Duran Duran: Nick: Hi, thanks for your question. It wasn't that we wanted to shy away form the sentiment of the song. Purely that we were intruigued by the technology available with Flash. I know the video has a slightly retro feel to it, but for us, it is the beginning of the future.

Tymica: Nick, why do you cover your face whenever you smile?

Duran Duran: I wasn't aware that I had such a strange quirk. However, I do try to cover my mouth when I cough, vomit or happen to be eating food and talking at the same time.

Nuno from Portugal: Nick once said (on the early days) DD needed an outsider to produce the albums? What did change in DD for not needing a producer?

Duran Duran: Hi, did I really say that? If I did I guess I must have meant it at the time. Possibly because I always think an outside opinion can be helpful, however right now it seems that after 20 years, we have so many ideas to try out ourselves, it just hasn't been a necessity. Perhaps some time in the future, we will work or collaborate with other producers/artists, because I never discount the fact that there are many great peop,le out there with fresh ideas.

MJ Ligouri: The new DuranDuran.com is wonderful! How do each of you feel about the fan based sites? Anything in particular you really like/dislike?

Duran Duran: Nick: Thanks for the feedback on the site. It is early days yet, but we are hoping that this one is much more user friendly than previous incarnations. There are so many great fan sites out there, but I have to say the one which has caught my eye is Lizard King's site. I can't believe how quickly he is able to put new information up on to the net. Well done.

Kevin Kelly, St. John's, NF: You've always had a close connection with Andy Warhol from Do you Believe In Shame right up to the new Album's Pop Trash Movie. How does Andy Warhol influence you all?

Duran Duran: Nick: I'm personally a great fan of Andy's body of work. I think he really was one of the true innovators. We have often nodded our heads towards things he has been involved with, from the Velvet Underground to much of his artwork. I was lucky enough to become a friend of his and he never let me down.

Minerva: This is to Simon, Nick and Warren. What was the last concert you went to and where did you see it?

Duran Duran: Simon: Last concert I went to was Smashing Pumpkins at the Dominion Theatre in London, which was fab. It was earlier this year. Warren: Cassia Eller, Brazilian singer in Rio De Janero in February. Nick: Probably something by Puccini.

Nuno Fernandes, Lisbon: The Spanish + French versions of SENM are at the same level as the original (very good accent, Simon). Is it difficult to sing in a different language?

Duran Duran: Simon: Yes, it is difficult, but you just have to try, you have to understand the words and what they mean. It takes time, and it really helps if you have got somebody who speaks the language in the studio. They can help you get through it. I didn't do it phonetically, I can read Spanish and I studied French in school.

Cynthia: Hi Nick. The new album is FANTASTIC!!! Can you pretty please give us a hint as to what "old" songs you're going to be doing on this tour? (P.S. Thank you SO much for signing my Interference book last year.)

Duran Duran: Warren: Being that this is an election year... Simon: Does that give any clues Warren: We haven't decided who to vote foryet. Since it is a full moon on Tuesday... Who knows? We haven't decided yet. Simon: The first song could be the last thing you ever hear.

Tymica: Are you guys going to wish John a Happy Birthday?

Duran Duran: Duran Duran: (sing happy birthday to John Taylor in beautiful harmony) And hi to Atlanta! But hey, Johnny, what are you doing in Canada?

Alex: In Pop Trash, I hear a return to a lighter, more - for lack of a better description - Duran-like sound. One that's more like the band's roots rather than the heavier sound on Medazzaland. It's a trend I like and I'd like to know if you plan to continue with it.

Duran Duran: Simon: I disagree with the premise of your question. Medazzaland was a Duran album, more brittle sounding. The big difference with Pop Trash is it is a muscular album, not a machine album, and that gives it its lush sound. Warren: As with all Duran Duran albums, there is always contrast, they are high contrast. Perhaps on this album, being that we have a few more ballads and they are so strong, maybe before you get into the album too deeply, it will seem like a mellow Duran Duran. But keep this in your CD player.

Kevin J. Woods: Your band has gone through a nmber of changes over the years, with respect to band members leaving the group, (ie, John Taylor, recently and Andy Taylor, a while back). What is the biggest adjustment when members leave the band? And is there any plans for a reunion ot original Duran Duran.

Duran Duran: Nick: The adjustment is really quite simple. We just move on, onwards, upwards and forwards. Can you do all that at the same time? Right now, there is no plans for a reunion of any sort. But never say never.

Ramona: I won't be here for the chat today, as I have to take my son to the doctor. But if you could let me ask one question and have them answer it so i can read it later in the archives it would be great! Will they do a show in Vancouver B.C. this yr?

Duran Duran: Right now, we only have plans for NOrth America. However, we are looking at South America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Whether any of them will happen yet is too early to say. But we would certainly like to play some shows throughout the rest of the year.

Tymica: Warren, when did you become so interested in exercise and eating healthy.

Duran Duran: Warren: When I started getting fat. Age 32. Now I am 43 and better than ever.

Anonymous: Hello my name is Tina, and I would love to know who designed the cover art and inside cover art for POP TRASH? I think it is phenominal! The music is amazing! Thanks!

Duran Duran: Nick: The cover art was designed by Andrew Day. He has been working with us since 1997, a former art student from London St. Martins College. I'm glad you like it, because we all do too.

TigerBaby27: Are you happy with the way Hollywood Records has been handling your publicity?

Duran Duran: Nick: So far, so good, I guess. What do you think? We'd love to hear your comments. Please send them direct to Duranduran.com, re Hollywood publicity.

Nuno from Portugal: After 20 years, your albums have good reviews (at least in Portugal... 'Immaculate Trash' as a good praise to Pop Trash) and you're considered as 'real' musicians, whereas the screaming teen fans and top 10 easy tunes fade away. Is this the career you imagined to be?

Duran Duran: Nick: Hi Nuno, Glad to hear we're getting good reviews in Portugal. I know we haven't visited your fair land in quite some time. But we would love to come and play live. So you never know. Perhaps if it catches on, we'll see you there.

Andrea Guy: The new album has a very 60's-ish sound to it. What gave you the inspiration to go in that direction with the music, particuliarly on lava lamp where you use the sitar

Duran Duran: Warren: Hello, We never know where the music is going to end up when we start writing the stuff. Certain songs lend themselves to different kinds of instrumentation. Lava Lamp needed something like a sitar, and I just happened to have one in the studio. A lot ofthe other songs, I wanted to uise some vintage equipment, old guitars, old amplifyers, Nick used som old synthsizers. I guess it was some residue of old drugs I took, it might have affected the music I was making.

aurastar7: Nick, why do you wear less makeup now days?

Duran Duran: Simon: Because he is much better looking now.

Rhodedodenduran: Are there any of your songs that are difficult to perform because of their personal nature?

Duran Duran: Simon: There is a song on Medazzaland titled Michael, You've Got A Lot to Answer For. We were performing it on tour when Michael Hutchence died. I still don't know if I will ever be able to sing that song again in public.

PopTrashGirl: Is there a connection between the first DD album cover and the cover of PopTrash? They both have cars on them.

Duran Duran: Simon: Yes, they both have cars on them.

potnoodles: How did it make you feel when you found out that a lot pf people got your new songs from Napster before they were released?

Duran Duran: Simon: It's a double-edged sword in more ways than one, which makes it a quadruple edged sword. Although Napster does help publicise a band, it takes the things we make, songs, and gives them away to people, which means we have to look at other ways to put food in our families mouths. Did you know ,when you download the napster program, it searches your hardrive for MP3 files. If it can get into your harddrive and do that, it can get in and access pretty much anything. Does that make you feel comfortable?

Duran Duran: Simon: We are going to have to go now. It is always wonderful, but oh, so very brief. See you out on the road. Thank you for your interest and your support and your opinion. Nick: Wish we had more time. There are so many great questions here that I'd love to answer. Perhaps some of you will tune in or log on, I should say, next time and we'll get to it then. Thanks and many kisses, Nick. Warren: Thanks for logging on today, it has been a pleasure. Sounds like you all really like the new album. Of course, that makes us very happy. WE are really looking forward to giving you a great show this summer. Off to New York. Bye.

Win an autographed copy of Duran Duran's latest CD 'Pop Trash'. Enter here!

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Simon LeBon and Warren Cuccurullo ponder your questions during JAM!'s live chat.
--Doug Bell, JAM!

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