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Thursday November 23, 2000

'Buzz' guys chat

Those wacky guys from the popular TV show 'Buzz,' the duo of Mista Mo and Daryn Jones, joined JAM! for a live chat on Thursday November 23, 2000.

Read the full transcript here:

EMER L:: Are you ever embarrassed by your own antics? :

Buzz: D- I'm often embarrassed by Mo's antics M- And vice-versa D- I keep trying to do an intellectual show, and he keeps lowering the bar.

Iris: do you think you guys would ever make a movie? any offers?

Buzz: D- We're juggling a few offers. Chris Tucker has been signed to play the role of me. M- I guess a comedy D- Period drama. A civil war drama.

Ellen Andrews - Winnipeg: If you were able to pick one celebrity to tease on your show, who would it be? Why?

Buzz: D-I can't think of one. We met Mr. T and that was the pinnacle. Mr. T pities us all. He pities Canada. Actually, Winnipeg.


Buzz: M-I get hate mail, but I never respond. D- He frames them and puts them on his wall. M-They don't complain about anything in particular, but they use racial slurs D- That was me sending those letters.

Ton Hornat (Florida): Have you guys ever gotten in trouble for episode idea?

Buzz: M- I don't think we have D- We have had segments pulled before. Just different reasons, people think it is too harsh. D- there was one called Flippy and Floppy that was pulled, but we have censored it and it will be in an upcoming show. The comedy network is liberal and they let things go.

NIGEL (Toronto): Guys: What one thing would you *not* do in front of the camera? be naked? have sex? or does anything go...?

Buzz: M-The first two I wouldn't do. D- Depends who it is with. If it is only me and Mo in the scene, then no.

Marianne: so, who is the one who came up with idea for Buzz? be honest.....bye!!!!!!!

Buzz: It is based off an old concept. But we developed it all to what it is today.

ann: What comedians do you like?

Buzz: M-Chris Rock, Sam Kinison. D- Chucky Ducky. Quack Quack. Mike the producer says Gary Coleman.

Mark: do you guys do club shows? like tour across Canada?

Buzz: M- We do live standup on a regular basis, wherever that might be in Canada. D- keep an eye out for the buzz comedy tour, coming soon. M-what I do is totally different from the show. D-we are both standups, so we have that.

Scott: Who's more wild? Daryn or Mo?

Buzz: M-It depends what Scott means. D-Don't get any funny ideas, Scott. We both kind of push each other to the next level. We won't back down.

bart simmons: are your shows improvised a lot ... or do you really plan how you will carry out a show?

Buzz: M-We plan a basic idea. The bit will go wherever it will go. We don';t know what will happen, but we do plan out a premise for the bit.

Shari: How did you guys hook up together and start writing comedy?

Buzz: M-We met at Yuk-Yuks in '94. So we started doing Buzz together in '96. That is when we started writing comedy together. D- We met mike the producer from Rogers at the time, and he had the idea, and it morphed from there. We were on Rogers for three years. And we are on our second season on the Comedy Network.

Anne-Marie: Do you think you'll be invited to next year's Toronto Film Festival as legitimate media? Will you go?

Buzz: D-We had more fun. We set up our own red carpet across the street coaxing celebrities to our party. Being on the inside is good too, but it is more fun to do it that way

MARSHA REYNOLDS (HI!): why are canadians funnier than americans? why is that? I gotta know...

Buzz: D-I think we have an inferiority complex. We have to prove ourselves and we are very self-deprecating. M-A lot of us get good in Canada before moving to the states.

Candy: Can I get a copy of your theme song anywhere? It's so groovy.

Buzz: M-Tape it off the show. Set your VCR. It will be on our website. Darynandmo.com. We did the theme ourselves. We came up with it.

josh moore: why do you think a lot of cable access shows are seeing some success and moving to big shows and big channels? is the stuff a lot more fresh and not corrupted by TV culture?

Buzz: D-When you are on cable, you have time and freedom to work out the kinks you are creating something without pressure. By the time you move to a \network they are paying you, and you have it worked out.

Nikko: what do you think of tom green? do you think he is funny? I do.. thanks!

Buzz: d-I think he is hilarious. We've met him a few times.

BIG_CLEM:: Why do you think there has been an interest in what you do? Does your success surprise you?

Buzz: D- We just do what we think is funny. A lot of people think the same way. the nice thin is, when we started nobody was watching. We were only doing it for ourselves. It was kind of cool. It was always this underground thing.

Brent: How do you know when a bit is funny?

Buzz: M-It is just a gut feeling, really. Most of the times we are right with our gut feeling. D- something that needs work never really hits TV.

Angus Young: What happened to Milk Shakespeare?

Buzz: We'd like to know the same thing. Milk Shakespeare was on the cable show, but he never called us back. Mike-He's starring in Stratford.

nsynclover: Hey Daryn (my favorite Kiss92 DJ! Love the radio show on Sundays from 7-9pm) and Mo. I just wanted to say keep up the good work on the show and my question is: How long does it take to make 1 episode of The BUZZ!!! Thanks

Buzz: D-Editing, 40 hours. We shoot a ton of stuff over the summer and put it all together The shooting, one shoot could take four or five hours.

President Clinton: What do you guys think of the upcoming election? Who are you voting for?

Buzz: D-I'm not encouraged by the choices we're offered. It is like the worst of two evils. M-I don't vote because I am a landed immigrant. D-He's voting for Stockwell Day because he has too much freedom. D-for the mayoral race, we taped a bit starring three of the lesser known candidates in the municipal election. I support Mel Lastman like i support my unemployed cousin. You kinda have to. It is an obligation.

Stu:: Why has the show moved around so much? :

Buzz: Mike-Good Question. I have no idea why it has been moved. We don't control the time slot. D- we try to find a nice balance of people being at home and awake, and not watching other shows. It seems to be working.l

Louise M. Chemise: If you were offered a starring role in any of the new movies coming out, which movie would you want to star in and why.

Buzz: D-Weekend at Bernie's 3, it's a good script. M-Something About Mary 2, if there was a two. Number one was so good. D-Mo practices that pie sex thing a lot at home. M-That was American Pie.

Oprah: How much money do you make

Buzz: M-A little bit more than welfare recipients. We do get paid twice a month. Mike - You guys get paid for this?

Mark: Do you guys get a lot of sex from doing this show?

Buzz: M-I can't say. I've got a girlfriend D-I seem to be masturbating more.

FINAL WORDS: D- Thanks everybody for the questions. Buzz is on Sundays at 11 on the comedy network. Check out our website Darynandmo.com.

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