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Wednesday, December 5, 2001

Andrea Bocelli chat transcript

Opera superstar Andrea Bocelli joined JAM! for an online chat with his fans, Dec. 5. Here is the complete transcript of that chat:

Sasha Jones: Sr. Bocelli: When will you be appearing in your next opera, and which one will it be?

Andrea Bocelli : The next opera will be Madame Butterfly, in Italy, in the summer. After that it will Ballo In Maschera, in October. That will be in Belgrade.

Jeanne from Okinawa, Japan: Bocelli-San, will you be returning to Japan soon to appear in an opera or concert?

Andrea Bocelli : Just today, I received an invitation to do an opera in Japan with the soprano Cedolins. But at this point, there are no precise plans. The websites have the information, I can't remember the dates. Check Bocelli Net (www.bocelli.net).

Maassie : Will you record in English.

Andrea Bocelli : I already have recorded some things. I recorded The Power Of Love and Above All in English. And in this last album, there is a song, Someone Like You. The English version is only on the Italian version of the CD.

Evelina: What are you reading these days? I would like to recommend a book to you: "Le Brace" by Sandor Marai

Andrea Bocelli : I haven't heard of this book. These days, I am reading Dostoyevsky, The Memory Of A Dead House.

Shelby Dockery: Who is the person you would most like to sing a duet with?

Andrea Bocelli : There are so many singers and so many wonderful voices. I couldn't choose just one. I would like to sing with Celine Dion, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey. There is an Australian singer, she has an extraordinary voice, but her name escapes me.

Claudia Cafarelli: Hello Andrea...Why did you choose the name Claudia in your wonderful book? Just curious. Yes, I'm Claudia, too. Love you, Claudia from Florida

Andrea Bocelli : Because the person who inspired the character is called Claudia in real life. It is a friend.

Irene Teresa: Dear Andrea. My son and I are tuning in from Australia and of course we humbly request you to come over here one day! But I want to ask you about how you keep in a state of inner serenity with so busy a schedule? Do have this great peace around you? Beloved Andrea, God Bless you always.

Andrea Bocelli : Good question. I don't know. Sometime it is so hard, one risks losing it, but serenity re-conquers. And serenity is something that is won day to day. We have to work and fight to keep it.

Josh: I have been unwell with mental illness and listening to you is healing in my heart and soul. Do you think music is more than fine entertainment, but something spiritual or healing? I would love to know what are your views, Mr. Bocelli.

Andrea Bocelli : I think music helps very much, to those who love it. And I think music contributes greatly to serenity. And to complete the discussion on serenity that we started earlier, I think that serenity is such a great gift, almost nothing in the world is worth breaking this gift or destroying that gift.

Becky: Do you sing lullabies to your sons and, if so, are they like my daughter, who must hear the same one night after night after night?

Andrea Bocelli : Yes, I sing to my sons, but often they have the opposite effect. I wake them up instead of putting them to sleep!

Terry Fiori: Andrea, I have been a fan for four years now, ever since I heard you sing. I have all your CDs and video. Will you make a video of your concert performances so those of us who cannot attend will get to see it as if we were there? Thank you.

Andrea Bocelli : I have nothing against this. I am in favour of this. And that's it. Unfortunately the organization of this kind of thing is not in my hands. When I arrive at something, things have already been decided and done. But something has already been done. For example, when I sang Werther in the United States, that was broadcast live via the Internet.

Chris McCluskey: In the opinion of many, you have fame that is more or less unequalled in comparison with other artists that do what you do. How do you approach working with a singer like Sarah Brightman, whose career you helped influence?

Andrea Bocelli : She is a great friend of mine and a great artist. I feel very at ease with her. I think she is a great singer and a great friend.

10: Hi, Mr. Bocelli. What's your favourite tenor piece to listen to and by whom? Thanks for developing and sharing your gifts with us.

Andrea Bocelli : There are so many. How can I choose one? Naturally, I feel the most interesting interpretation of these arias are when you listen to Corelli. I have just finished recording Il Trovatore and Tosca, and I am anxious for these recordings to be released, because I would like to hear the response from the public to these pieces. Tosca will be out in March, I think. Trovatore, I'm not sure when.

Jean M. Holden: You must spend a lot of time doing vocal exercises. However, do you also do physical exercises for your body to increase strength and endurance, such as an athlete might do? If so, how do you find time in your busy schedule?

Andrea Bocelli : I should do more! In this moment, because of the tour, I am doing very little. But usually, I do exercise.

Nan Zahar: You sang a duet with Dulce Pontes that had a Middle Eastern flavour to it (her part). Have you come across any Middle Eastern singers of interest to you in your travels, for possible duets?

Andrea Bocelli : Dulce Pontes is Portuguese. I am not very familiar with Middle Eastern sounds. But I am not closed off to any kind of other culture. For example, I am an admirer of Noah, the Israeli singer.

Winnie Hayek: I loved reading La musica del silenzio. Are you working on a second book? I hope so!

Andrea Bocelli : To tell the truth, I have plans. But I don't know when it will come out. I have already started it.

Rosemarie: Andrea, you seem to like New York City and it's so great that you are showing your support after the terrorist attacks. Do you have any plans to take up permanent residence?

Andrea Bocelli : To be truthful, it is not so much New York City I love, but the people of New York and Americans in general. They have given me so much. No, I have no plans to live there.

Noemi Reyes: What does your song "Il Diavolo e l'Angelo mean? Grazie, Noemi Reyes

Andrea Bocelli : In each lover, in all of us, there are two sides of the coin: the one that wants to be the devil-seducer, and at the same time, the one who wants to protect -- the angel.

Mickie: Greetings, Andrea! I've enjoyed the recent concerts so much, especially the arias from Manon Lescaut and Cavalleria Rusticana. Bravissimo! Do you ever visit the various Internet sites that are dedicated to you? Mickie

Andrea Bocelli : Never in my life, have I. I have a computer. And I have an e-mail address that perhaps I will one day publish. But I have never opened any of my own sites.

Lucia Giardina: Looking to the future, is there any possibility that you will record more duets with Helena? I'm so moved whenever I play L'Abitudine. It is such a beautiful presentation. Grazie

Andrea Bocelli : Why not? According to me, YES.

Jean M. Holden: Andrea, you travel all over the world and probably eat foods from many countries (as well as airline food). Is it difficult to stay on a healthful diet?

Andrea Bocelli : I wouldn't say so. My problem is, I am a lover of all kinds of foods. This is my greatest difficulty.

MicheleP: Sr. Bocelli. Would you like to have your voice mixed with that of any historical singer, say a duet with Maria Callas? Thank you.

Andrea Bocelli : Undoubtedly, it would be a very curious thing. I am more inclined to things that are real than things that are imaginary.

Gloria M: Andrea, it must be frustrating to be asked the same questions over and over again by interviewers. If you could choose the topic of discussion, what would you like to talk about? Is there a topic that you would just love to discuss that no one has ever inquired about?

Andrea Bocelli : The thing that bores me the most is to talk about myself. However, what I find interesting is to talk with other people. To have suggestions, to hear what they think. In the end, the thing that I do is for others, for them.

Andrea Bocelli : Instead of a farewell message, I want to try an experiment. I will give my e-mail address. But the messages have to be in Italian. It would be too tiring to read them otherwise. (Editor's note: Mr. Bocelli has requested that we remove his e-mail address and direct people instead to: www.bocelli.de) I can't promise I will respond to each and every e-mail, because that would be impossible. But I will try to read as much as I can. Bye bye.

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Andrea Bocelli

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