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   Friday, December 15, 2000 [  Fall/Winter Tour Info | Tour Dates  ]

St. John's, NF Memorial Stadium

Day 21: Video report

  • The Completists (High speed connection)
  • The Completists (Low speed connection)

    *Note: Latest version of RealPlayer needed to view video

    Day 21: St. John's Concert Review

    REVIEW BY: Brent Way
    Memorial Stadium, St. John's, NF
    Friday, December 15, 2000

    I must admit, I am not the biggest fan of the Hip's newer music, and when I saw the playlists from previous shows, filled with new material, I was not optimistic that tonight's performance would be great. Good, sure, all they had to do was play half-dozen songs from their first 3 releases, and it would be a good show. However, I did not think any great concert could include Tiger the Lion.

    I guess I was wrong. It was a fabulous show from start to finish - from Grace, too to open and Fifty Mission Cap to end (note: the band played Ahead by a Century and Fifty Mission Cap for the encore, instead of the songs mentioned in the playlist). Highlights for myself included rousing renditions of Fully Completely, Fire in the Hole, and Daredevil, each of which brought the crowd alive. As well, I surprised myself by choosing the Completists for the website video; my second choice would have been Poets! So much for old school HipÉ

    As well, the Hip deserve a lot of credit for driving across Newfoundland in the middle of winter, and then performing 30 songs. There is little doubt that this alone makes the Hip one of the hardest working bands in Canada.

    Many thanks to Ross Walton for being our gracious host for the evening. We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

    Concert Photos

    Winning Entry

    There are two reasons why the videographer for this gig should be me; first, I consider myself a connoisseur of great live music, and secondly, I have had plenty of practice with camcorders. Each of these traits is the result of my rural upbringing.

    Although you may not believe it, growing up in rural Newfoundland was not all fun and games; small town bringdown is a topic with which I am all too familiar. Living in Heart's Content meant that I had little hope of witnessing the spectacle of a great band like the Hip, even if they came to St. John's, where I currently reside. After all, these guys were on television; 'I will never get to see a band like Hip', I myopically thought, but my life changed one fateful summer.

    That summer, Helix performed a cross Newfoundland tour. 'Performed' is really the poorest way to describe it; it was more like Helix kicked major ass and rocked everyone from one end of Newfoundland to the other. Luckily for me, they brought their wild antics and loud music to Bay Roberts - a mere one hour drive from Heart's Content. That show turned out to be an epiphany - a religious experience that changed my life. At a young age, I experienced music the way it was meant to be heard - very loud with several thousand screaming fans; the radio would never sound quite as good again. Since then, I have gone through great trouble and travelled great distances to witness the best in live music. For my efforts, I have been rewarded with over forty spectacles - including shows by musical giants such as Iron Maiden, Bon Jovi, and, of course, the Tragically Hip.

    As for holding a camera steady, owning the only video camera in a small town means that you spend a lot of time aiming it at local events. This gives a person like me much practice at getting good shots. After having filmed many school plays and local talent contests, I would truly appreciate the opportunity to film a talented group like the Hip.

    It would be a great opportunity for me to combine my love of live music with my skill with a camera.

    -- Brent Way

    The Tragically Hip thanks the following organizations for helping them with this project:

    CANOE.CA, for hosting the contest and tour site.

    www.henrys.com for supplying the Panasonic Digital Video camera.

    Bootleg Networks, for video editing and encoding.

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