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   Thursday, November 23, 2000 [  Fall/Winter Tour Info | Tour Dates  ]

Calgary, AB Pengrowth Saddledome

Day 6: Video report

  • Emperor Penguin live! (High speed connection)
  • Emperor Penguin live! (Low speed connection)

    *Note: Latest version of RealPlayer needed to view video

    Day 6: Calgary Concert Review

    Pengrowth Saddledome, Calgary, AB
    Thursday, November 23, 2000

    Well it's done, one incredible show!! Thousands of Hip fans moving as one for two and a half hours to the sounds of Gord D, his band mates and Chris and Kate. There was something special about tonight, an evening with the Hip, nostalgic, rhythmic, courageous. Gord's voice is deeper and richer aged like oak, solid and steady. Each band member has changed and there is a subtle yet evident difference to the tunes of the past as they played them faster and with loads of energy. The first set began with Tiger the Lion and ended 15 songs later with Music at Work.

    Twenty minutes later they came back. This time Gord took off his jacket and if we thought there was only half a tank left, man, were we in for a surprise. The guys put the pedal to the metal and we hung on for the ride. Wheat Kings started set number two (one of my all time faves). But when they kicked in to the Hundreth Meridian, the place went wilder than anything seen during the Stampede.

    As our video selection from the show, we picked Emperor Penguin. This classic tune from the Phantom Power CD came out really well on the tape. We hope you like it. I would like to thank Topo Gigio, Jacques, Curtis, Ross and the Tragically Hip for an outstanding evening.

    Mr. Hip [watch the video intro to see who I am]

    Concert Photos

    Winning Entry

    I'm going to drop that camcorder down the Funnel of Great Movie Making, hold it over the Saddledome November 23 and watch it tumble down. Down past the kick-to-the-solar-plexus of the "Battleship Potemkin".

    Follow its pitching and yawing through the Black and White-ism of the crazy German films of the 20's and 30's. Turn with it by the bleakness of the French New Wave. See it pick up speed, faster, faster, but not missing David Lean's Wide-Angle View or the tension in Sergio Leone's barn door-sized eyes. Watch it bounce off of Arthur Penn's slow-motion agony to finally rocket by the warped intimacy of David Lynch.

    And as it drops from the skinny end of The Funnel in front of the stage, let me catch it. Maybe from its journey through the Vortex of Time, I can make something more than just another home movie. Something just this side of the beyond.

    Let me try to coax that mystical heritage out of the camera.

    And really, how else could you catch the punch, the power, the soul and the unpredictability of the Tragically Hip, live, in front of their world and their universe? Let's make a document that'll last and send that videocam down the line for more adventures.

    As I heard in a movie once, "Sure it's the height of hubris. But you know. I think I can do it."

    -- Jacques Blanchard

    The Tragically Hip thanks the following organizations for helping them with this project:

    CANOE.CA, for hosting the contest and tour site.

    www.henrys.com for supplying the Panasonic Digital Video camera.

    Bootleg Networks, for video editing and encoding.

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