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   Wednesday, December 20, 2000 [  Fall/Winter Tour Info | Tour Dates  ]

Buffalo, NY HSBC Arena

Day 23: Video report

  • The Luxury (High speed connection)
  • The Luxury (Low speed connection)

    *Note: Latest version of RealPlayer needed to view video

    Day 23: Buffalo Concert Review

    REVIEW BY: Mike Jerome
    HSBC Arena, Buffalo, NY
    Wednesday, December 20, 2000

    I've come to a conclusion tonight... if John Lennon were still alive he would have been at the HSBC in Buffalo, sipping pints of Guinness, and shaking a banana with the band. When The Tragically Hip took the stage here in Buffalo there was enough energy in the building that the Niagara Falls power plant could have taken the night off. Like a determined freight train The Hip started the long night, full tilt with My Music At Work, Grace, Too and the rarely heard classic Everytime You Go.

    The crowd responded enthusiastically to every song the band delivered. My personal favorites included Tiger the Lion, Greasy Jungle, and Daredevil. Although Gord Sinclair had originally wrote Let's Stay Engaged twice on the setlist, the song was not heard even once this evening. In its place TTH played Stay and Bobcaygeon. The show ended with Little Bones - nobody left disappointed.

    The song I chose to record was The Luxury. Greasy Jungle was a close second but The Luxury was selected due to the funky jazz sound that carried its beat.

    In closing I would like to thank the world's greatest fan band, The Tragically Hip, for caring enough about us (their fans) and for giving me the opportunity to see what goes on behind the scenes. A big thank you should also be extended to Ross Walton for being a most gracious host.

    It was truly an amazing evening, one that I will not soon forget

    Mike Jerome

    Concert Photos

    Winning Entry

    Being an American has many pros and cons.

    For instance, living in New York I've been lucky enough to see hockey games on TV every night during the NHL season. I'm thankful that my Canadian brothers and sisters are the best Northern Neighbors that anyone could hope for.

    However, since I live in Rochester I have never had that luxury of hearing Canada's favorite sons on the radio everyday! It was by pure chance that I happened to be browsing the record store and stumbled upon "Road Apples" . The rest has been nothing but ear candy to this Tragically Hip Freak.

    Since that day I have been religiously speading the word on what a truly amazing bunch of musicians consist of the Tragically Hip.

    Living in Upstate NY has also allowed me the pleasure of losing my voice at least 5 times a year, from seeing the band play live in places as far away as Wantagh, Long Island...Hamilton, Toronto, and of course all over Upstate New York. Which would include this past summer's Waterstreet Music Hall show.

    I may not be the biggest fan in the world, but there is one thing that the Hip can count on, so long as they are a band and keep bringing a smile to face in between these headphones, I'll buy their CD's.

    It's been an amazing 9 years since that day in the record store, and I haven't stop smiling yet!

    -- Mike Jerome

    The Tragically Hip thanks the following organizations for helping them with this project:

    CANOE.CA, for hosting the contest and tour site.

    www.henrys.com for supplying the Panasonic Digital Video camera.

    Bootleg Networks, for video editing and encoding.

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