The Tragically Hip, l to r: Johnny Fay (JF), Bobby Baker (BB), Gord Sinclair GS), Paul Langlois (PL) and Gord Downie (GD).

The Jam! e-interview with The Hip

The Hip answer your questions about:

Being Canadian

Playing live

The current tour

Breaking into the U.S. market

Music and influences


Albums and Singles

The Internet

The boys in the band

Obtuse Head Gear and More

The Hip's Tour Itinerary

More on The Tragically Hip in the Jam! Music Database

Tragically Hip fans sent Jam! stacks of questions to ask the band: Here are the answers

From their online mailing list, to their ever-changing setlists, to their policy of keeping ticket prices affordable, The Tragically Hip have always been a fan's band. So it seemed entirely appropriate that, when we approached them with the idea of letting the fans interview them prior to their cross-Canada tour, they would agree without thinking twice. After soliciting questions on Jam! for five days -- we cut things off after accumulating more than 100 queries -- we gathered them all up and sent them off to the band.

They then graciously sat down and answered virtually everything you threw at them. The results go way beyond the usual superficial, one-line answers that often characterize these kinds of things. Thanks to the fans, Shelley and Sarah at The Management Trust, the folks who run The Hip's official website ( and, of course, the band members themselves.





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