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Tuesday, November 5, 1996

The fans interview the Hip


Q. I remember seeing an interview with The Hip on the New Music about 10 years ago when they were starting to make a name for themselves. John Roberts (formerly J.D. Roberts) asked Bobby Baker why he thinks The Hip will endure with so many other bands out there trying to make it big?

Bobby responded by saying that the fact that the band were all such close friends and all so dedicated to making music for the rest of their lives gave them the advantage over other bands.

I was wondering if he and the rest of the band are still that dedicated and optimistic?

A. I think we're always more inspired by the idea of an old blues man plying his trade in the club then the young pop sensation. I still hope to be that old guy sitting on the stool surrounded by friends. Friendship is still the oil that keeps the motor running. - RB

Q. How long has Gord been playing guitar? Are Robby and Paul teaching him how to play?

Do the other members of the band play any other instruments (piano, tuba, etc.)?

A. I've been playing guitar for ten years. Paul gave me his first guitar.

I try to play percussively and usually try to occupy the space created when Johnny's high-hat opens. It 's fun to commune on a different level with the boys.

Paul could teach a chimp to be Pope, Gord Sinclair plays piano, banjo, bagpipes (to name a few), Robby plays mandolin, keyboard synth, etc, etc. Johnny is really an interesting finger-picking guitar player (it's his riff on Coconut Cream), Paul - piano, bass, etc. I'm learning the drums. - GD

Q. Good day there! This past summer I jumped on the Hip's bandwagon and followed them around the United States. After a couple of the shows I had the honor to meet and talk to the boys from Kingston. On both occasions, we would see Johnnie Fay come out of the venue and immediately take the other direction and scurry away.

He would rush to the tour bus and not talk to anyone. I have spoken to other people and they have noticed this all summer too. What's up?

A. Yes it 's true, I am the nasty one.

I hate all men. In fact, a man in Winnipeg crushed my hand with a handshake. Now I shake with my left instead of my right. Have you ever tried shaking with your left?

Well, you know right after the show I like to spend a little quality time with myself - usually alone on the bus with nothing on but an apron, making peanut butter sandwiches. - JF

Q. Hi, my name is Heather and I am a Journalism student at Lethbridge Community College. My instructor posed a question to me this week, knowing I am a huge fan. What kind of dog does the lead singer have, and what is his name? I would greatly appreciate any assistance.


A. The lead singer has a dog named Magnet - GD

Q. Every band for the past 50 years breaks up, comes together, and breaks up again. This is attributed to creative differences. Do you honestly plan to make music for the next 10 years or so?

A. Yes, I think we probably do plan to make music for at least the next 10 years. Fortunately, we've been able to take things one day (week, month, year,) at a time. - PL

The fans interview the Hip continued




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