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Tuesday, November 5, 1996

The fans interview the Hip


Q. Why don't you guys release your live album promotion (I believe it was recorded in Europe) in Canada?

A. That was just a single to a B side, not a live album. - Band

Q. When are you going to release Killer Whale Tank/New Orleans Is Sinking live version to the public? I love that song and the Apartment/Highway Girl live version.

A. Currently there aren't any plans to release those songs. - Band

Q. Does the band have any plans of putting out a live album(s) in the near future? Perhaps even a live 4 CD box set (one can hope).

A. We are thinking about it (live album), just don't know when. - Band

Q. Are you thinking of taking a break soon, unlike normally where you pretty much start making the next album right after the tour(s) for the last one?? In other words would we have to wait longer than normal for the next album?? Also ARA '97??? If so with who??

A. Don't really know when we'll put out the next record .

I think we'll try and come up with some sort of definite plan for touring and recording in the new year. Sorry, don t know about ARA 97. Maybe, maybe not. - PL

Q. Did the cover picture for Trouble At The Henhouse originate from the tune "Yawning or Snarling"?

A. No - Band

Q. Are there demos of the early years of the band? I am interested in the rough sound of the band as opposed to the clean, just out of the recording room music.

A. Yes there are early demos of the band but we don't know if we will be releasing them. - Band

The fans interview the Hip continued




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