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Tuesday, November 5, 1996

The fans interview the Hip


Q. What is the significance of "water" in most of your songs? If you listen, you will hear the number of times water is mentioned.

A. "Water is stronger than rock." Water threatens to, at anytime, flood in and obliterate the chalk drawing. We leave a temporary impression similar to that of a hull on the surface of the sea. I could go on and on. - GD

Q. Hello guys! My fave band, of course. I even have a signed "Day for Night" poster in my basement that I purchased at the Edmonton Bear Auction (FM 100.3).

Anyways, here is my question: For many years I have been wondering what "Blow at High Dough" actually means. What does this title mean?

Thanks a lot, and will be seeing you Wednesday, Nov. 13 at the Northlands Coliseum.

A. Blow At High Dough probably means going full out so to speak, burning up, too quickly, etc. - PL

Q. Where is the "Cemetery Side Road" located (indie album)? Does it have anything to do with the road near Carleton Place on Highway 7?

A. Yes. - Band

Q. What, or I think more likely, who is Hengelo in reference to in the song "At the Hundredth Meridian"?

A. Hengelo is a place in Holland. - Band

Q. What is "Scared" really about?

A. Fear of obsolescence? Fear of Fraudulence? Fear of Fear? A fear-peddlar going door-to-door selling ... you guessed it ... Fear? - GD

Q. Who is Cordelia?

A. Cordelia was used as metaphor. I dunno, read King Lear - Shakespeare - GD

Q. Would you please explain the phrase "garbage bag trees". My stepson Graeme has noticed that this phrase appears in two of your songs. I apologize for not being able to recall which songs they are.

A. Graeme is a good boy - I don 't recall which songs they are either - but at the time, it was Winter heading into Spring when trees are without leaves and seem to attract garbage bags that roost in their branches. - GD

The fans interview the Hip continued




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