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Tuesday, November 5, 1996

The fans interview the Hip


Q. Will you play material from all your albums on the upcoming Canadian Tour?

A. Like I was just saying, (Section - Live Shows, # 5) because of the body of work we have to draw from and the fact that we'll be playing multi-nights in a lot of places, the sets will be different every night. We've been touring the States for the last five months or so and have employed this approach night after night. We've also been really happy with how stuff from Trouble At The Henhouse has dovetailed with material from our previous records. It's made some older songs better to play and has pushed us musically to the point where every show is a new and wonderful experience. - GS

Q. How does it feel to find out that most of your Canadian shows sold out in less than half an hour, causing you to play more dates?

A. All warm and fuzzy. - RB

Q. When is the next tour of the States, and do you have a European tour in the near future?

A. We're not sure when the next U.S. tour will be and are looking at possibly February '97 for Europe.

Q. OK, I know it's a very simple question. but for me a very important one: "When does The Hip come on tour to the Netherlands?"

A. Maybe February '97

Q. You have announced that you will be playing a different set list than that of the previous American tour, dipping into some of the old stuff. Being a Canadian going to the Detroit show (closer than Toronto for me) will you be playing the Canadian tour set list or the old American one from the summer? I am interested because I would like to hear some of the older material. Thanks

A. No idea. We'll change the set list every night, so who knows what it'll be in Detroit? - PL

Q. Are you going to play a return date in Kingston, Ontario?

A. Never

Yes - when they fire Greg Burliak, Chief Musical know-it-all of the Kingston Whig Standard.

Yes - when they demolish the Memorial Centre - the worst acoustical experience of my life. - JF

The fans interview the Hip continued




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