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Tuesday, November 5, 1996

The fans interview the Hip


Q. From which do you derive more pleasure: playing in a small club-type setting similar to the majority of your shows in the US, playing in arenas like Maple Leaf Gardens or playing in outdoor festivals such as this year's Edenfest?

A. Clubs and arenas seem to be more enjoyable as far as connecting to the crowd, but a gig's a gig and we wouldn't do it if we didn't enjoy it. - PL

Q. Would you ever consider a collaborative effort with the Rheostatics? I can't imagine anything better than both bands teaming up for an encore. Gordie wailing on "Record Body Count" or Martin adding his atmospheric guitar to a song like "Thugs" would blow more than a few minds. How about it guys?

A. Nice idea. - RB

Q. I was wondering if there's going to be Another Roadside Attraction for '96. If so, will it pass through Halifax this time? There are many fans who are disappointed when the show does make it to the east coast.

A. I think you mean '97. We are working on it. - Band

Q. I think the most dangerous thing for a live band is to get too comfortable. How do you keep your live shows fresh when you've been touring for six months or more (besides changing your set)?

A. We've always been really conscious of keeping the show fresh and invigorating for ourselves, first and foremost. There is always a danger of letting things become stale. Because we have a lot of albums worth of songs to draw from, it's actually gotten easier for us over the years.

If a song is not moving us while we're performing it, chances are that will be translated to the audience. So we give it a rest, sometimes for years. Other songs of ours have spaces written in that allow for improvisation on stage. That forces us to play off of each other and jam, keeping it different every night and making each show special, not only for the audience but for ourselves. - GS

Q. Lookin' forward to the show in Buffalo: Can you tell me what really happened at the show here in '93 at the U. of Buffalo? (Sorry you had to meet the ass----s here.)

And, if at all possible, could you do "The-Killer-Whale-Tank" during New Orleans? Thanks.

A. Someone threw a shoe and it hit Gord so we left a song or two early, and it wasn't sounding good on stage.

No, we can't - PL

Q. What are the details regarding the Toronto shows in December and United Way donations?

A. The United Way show is in Hamilton on Dec. 11th. Proceeds from the show go to the United Way. - Band

Q. I was wondering why you stopped playing Courage live for so long (at least at the shows I attended)?

A. We sub tunes in and out and change the set every night. We still play Courage. - PL

Q. What did performing on SNL really do for you?

A. We had fun doing it and it was a great experience. - Band

Q. I was at a show in Lancaster, PA., on October 2, and I want to know why The Hip didn't sing on encore?

A. Sorry, we had equipment problems. - Band

The fans interview the Hip continued




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