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Tuesday, November 5, 1996

The fans interview the Hip


Q. My friends and I have, for quite some time, been quite curious about Gord Downie's hat. Which hat you say? Well there can be no confusion as to which hat, it is a big straw cowboyish number that has been seen worn by Gord or in his presence for years. It 'stars" in at least two videos -- Thugs and Gift Shop -- and is a regular attendee in backstage Hip interviews. So simply put
- Where did Gord get the hat?
- Do the other guys like the hat?
- Why the affinity for such obtuse headgear??

A. I got the hat when we were playing the High Sierra Music Festival up in the Mountains; Bear Valley, California. For five dollars. The other guys don't go out of their way to avoid the hat, and because it's an obtuse sun up there. - GD


Q. Who are some of the bands you guys like to listen to?

A. That's way too broad a question to answer. Every guy in the band has his faves, long term and those more of the flavour-of-the-week variety, and we're all very open-minded when it comes to music. Each of the other guys, in fact, has turned me on to great music of all different shapes and sizes. I listen to music every day. Right now I'm rediscovering The Cure, because I just saw them live for the first time this summer and I realised that in my mind I'd never given them the listen they deserve. I love Los Lobos' new record, Colossal Head. Turn off the TV and listen to more music, choose for yourself. - GS

Los Lobos, ODDS, Rheostatics, SOTW, the Inbreds, tonnes more. Anything good is the general rule. - PL

Old Faithfuls - Miles Davis, Bob Dylan, anything on Blue Note, Current Faves - Material, anything with Sly and Robbie, Lakshmi Ranganathan - RB

I won't commit the error of catalogues and lists, when it comes to music I'll leave that up to Maclean's Magazine. - GD
D David Bowie
G Gabriel
Z Zimmy - Zimmerman

D has already been taken, but Bob-O is great - Dylan

These artists are so mega in The Hip's mind that they have had their letters retired. Heavy plays on the bus. - JF

Q. Does Gordon Downie like the movie "Clockwork Orange"?

A. Not nearly as much as some other people in High School did. - GD

Q. Has Paul Langlois cut down on his smoking habits while on stage?

A. I guess I have, depending on whether my parents are in the crowd. - PL

Q. Does Bobby Baker ever plan on cutting his hair?

A. Come on Dad, give it up already. - RB

Q. Do the Tragically Hip hate it when fans ask stupid questions?

A. Yes. - Band

Q. Separating the Art from the Artist is something not many fans can do. Do the Tragically Hip have problems with over excessive (for lack of a better word) fans?

A. Timing and context are all important - if I'm playing with my son or having a date with my wife I may not want to conduct a full fledged interview but almost everyone is very respectful of that. Most fans just want to say hi and show there appreciation for your work. That s great. How can anyone have a problem with that? - RB




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